Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tired. Therefore, Sleep.

Today has got to be one of the most tiring days I have ever had since I started working in SEAIR! Oh yeah...believe it or not, I was so tired that I opted to leave the office at 4:30 in the afternoon. Everybody at work could see that I was all ready to jump on a bed and just sleep. I have been yawning all afternoon after a very busy morning.

o O o

05:00am - Wake up call c/o my alarm clock
05:10am - Got up, fixed my bed, and washed my face
05:30am - Cooked breakfast (rice, bacon, eggs, daing na bangus)
06:00am - Woke up parents and brother
06:05am - Ironed clothes for work
06:30am - Ate breakfast with parents while Kuya Miguel is still in bed
06:50am - Brushed my teeth and took a bath
07:20am - Changed into my work clothes
07:40am - Out of the house

Funny moment as I went out...
Baby Karl was down at the parking lot with his yaya, Ate Beng. I saw Karl sitting on the pavement, crying his eyes out. The moment I approached them, Karl turned to me and started screaming, "Bad! Bad!" Ate Beng explained that Karl was having tantrums because his mom just left for work. So I tried to cheer him up. I gave him the mamon I have brought with me. As soon as he saw the food, Karl came to me and took the mamon from my hand. He waved goodbye to me and blew me a flying kiss. Awww...I tell you, I am so in love with that kid.

08:10am - Arrived at Stephen Ku's apartment (sorry guys, I can't say where he lives...hehehe) to get stuff for InMyBag photo shoot
08:20am - Took a taxi and went to the office to pick up Ms. Jen so we can go to the studio together
09:10am - Arrived at LOWE Worldwide for scheduled photo shoot

The photo shoot was more than two hours. Three people for SEAIR People and InMyBag. It was cold but that was bearable. But, oh my, was I starting to feel very sleepy. It was so tempting to sleep in a very cool room. At quarter to noon, I was out of the building of LOWE Worldwide and I went back to our office so I can fix Stephen's things and bring them back to him at his office.

12:20pm - Delivered Stephen's items to his office
01:00pm - Back in the office
01:10pm - Went out to eat lunch

Such a "lonesome" break. I was eating lunch alone at Yoshinoya. Meanwhile, I was texting a couple of my friends...just so I can have the illusion of having company. Hehehe...

From 2 o'clock until 4:30 in the afternoon, work load was pretty much what kept me going through the afternoon. I was yawning all over the place. At my workspace, in the editorial room, in the pantry...everywhere!

Tired. So tired. That's why I opted to just go home and rest. And rest, I did. When I got home at 5:30pm, I immediately proceeded to the couch and slept. No more beds...I just wanted to sleep. All right so I didn't sleep all the way. I still woke up at 6:45pm so I could cook dinner. But at least I got rest. And now, I'm going to take that much-anticipated sleep right after logging off my laptop.

And that would be now.

Till my next entry,

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