Monday, October 06, 2008

On Top of the World with InFlight.

I'm still in quite a shock. As if everything is just a dream. I still can't believe that I'm working in, what seems to me, the best job I could ever have! It's true what they say, you know. Find a job you that you like and you'll never have to work in your life again. I couldn't have said it better myself.

So why am I in shock?

The October-November issue of InFlight Magazine was delivered today and all I can say! It's so surreal. I mentioned before that it didn't sink in to me that I was editorial assistant until I saw my name on the staff box of our August-September issue. This is more than that. Right now, seeing my name, not just on the staff box but all over the's simply fantastic. I just can't believe it! Four by-lines in this issue and I can't help but be happy!

Yes, I think this is really something I can be so proud of. All my hard work has paid off! It's such a great feeling. Sometimes, even if I'm a hundred percent aware that I'm working in InFlight, it still comes a surprise that I have come so far from being that girl who wrote simple notes to this young lady who is able to interview a lot of people, write about them and be acknowledged. Even if readers don't look at the by-lines of the articles, who cares? They're reading what I wrote, right? It's more than enough.

This issue is something I'm really proud of! Just seeing the quality of our magazine, and knowing that people love our magazine (yes, I've heard people say that InFlight is not just any ordinary travel magazine) only makes me want to strive harder and produce something much better.

I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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