Saturday, April 02, 2011

My 25th Birthday Wishlist!

In less that two weeks, I am celebrating my 25th birthday. Normally, a month before my birthday, I would post my wishlist. This year, on the the other hand, I find myself having a hard time coming up with this list. And I realize it's probably because a lot of the things I'd like for my birthday aren't tangible. But after much thought, I was able to come up with some of the things I wish to get on my special day.

No more waiting. Here's my birthday wishlist for 2011:

Tweet Sering's Astigirl novel. She's one of my favorite bloggers/writers of all time! Idol!

I love dresses! I love skirts! I love everything girly...:) 

I also love unique accessories I can wear for work and for hanging out...
Speaking of accessories, can someone please please lease give me a "Maggie" necklace?
Make up is something I really love to buy whenever I go shopping. I usualy buy my cosmetics from Beauty Treats :)

With make up, of course, there has to be make up brushes! Suesh makeup travel brushes please. Haha!

Two of my favorite scents: Chance by Chanel and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea 

Bags! I absolutely love them! And Longchamp bags are really the nicest bags! 

I have been dying to eat at Fat Michael's Place! Someone please treat me here...

There you have it, folks! My birthday wishlist. That's really all I could come up with. Hahaha! Did I forget anything?

Well, actually, there is another thing...

Two years ago, I posted an "all-too-impossible" wish for my birthday in my blog. Maybe I should post one again this time...

This year, all I really want to happen on my 25th birthday is that I get to receive the biggest surprise of my life. The biggest surprise that I can actually end up crying tears of joy. I've had great times every year when I celebrate my birthday. For one time only, I wish I could have that surprise. That would make my 25th birthday the single most wonderful day of my life.