Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Dreams, I Love. In Reality, I Wait.

For the past few days, you have been visiting me in my dreams. And it's not that I wish you'd stop. I hope you wouldn't because I always seem to be very happy when I'm with you in my sleep.

I feel like I've known you for a while. Because by the way we act around each other in my dreams, I could only summize that we have been friends for the longest time. I wouldn't be comfortable with you holding my hand if we haven't been close friends.

A simple smile from you can make me blush. Your infectious smile gives me the comfort of knowing how much I mean to you. As if that smile was just for me. When you hold my hand, you make me feel like you will never let me go in your life. How is it possible that you can make me float on air by a smile and a touch?

Whenever I need a hug, you would give me the most comforting hug I could ask for. And I love hugging you. I wrap my arms around you and call you my teddy bear. How I love calling you my teddy bear. When no one's looking you'd bury your face in my hair and you'd whisper sweet nothings to my ear. Do you know that you can make my heart skip a beat every time you do that?

You have this balance of confidence and humility that people admire. How could anyone possibly miss it? The ladies can't get enough of you and the guys wish they'd be like you. Yes, you're that kind of guy. But how humble you are... That's what makes me love you even more.

You're both serious and funny. You crack me up with your sense of humor. No matter how corny your jokes could be, you still make me laugh. But when the need arises, you're serious and you focus on things that matter, on things that need to be done.

You're such a handsome guy, you know that? Your vanity is amusing. You're the type of guy who looks good in everything he wears. As if you've put a lot of effort into thinking what you'd wear the night before. One of your traits that I find very much endearing.

You look after your health. Being healthy is important to you because you want to be that somebody who your kids can enjoy spending time with until you grow old.

Do you know what's even more amusing? It's that... We can talk about anything and everything without holding back. Whatever we'd feel, we say it. Your honesty is admirable. We can talk for hours non-stop and still, we'd never get tired of listening to the other speak.

But you are definitely more than all those things I've mentioned. You are a God-fearing man, you're selfless, and you are loving. Your faith in God is inspiring, encouraging. You treat people with respect, no pretensions. Most of all, you love... Unconditionally.

It seems like in my dreams, I'm different. A good kind of different. Because with you, I could sing like I've never sung before, I have the courage to face the fears I couldn't face, I think of my future with you. In my dreams, you and I share the same passion in life. We help each other out, both of us striving more so we could have the future we've always wanted. You and I love each other. Not for any other reason... We love each other just because we do.

God is in the center of our lives.

Our families are the most important people in our lives.

Finding ourselves in each other is a gift from above.

I may not know who you are. Not yet, anyway. But rest assured, you'll find me and I'll realize you're the one. Because God meant it to be that way.

For now, let me love you in my dreams. And I will wait for you until the day we finally meet in reality.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh, the dream...

Here's a funny thing. At times, you are absolutely clueless on what to expect when it comes to life. More so, you'd never know what to expect when it comes to love. Truth of the matter is... life and love will always throw you curve balls. And it's up to you to either strike out or hit a home run.

Lately, I've been having this recurring dream of being in love with this wonderful guy. In my dreams, we would walk around places holding hands, and him kissing my hand whenever he gets the chance. And when no one is looking, I'd hug him so tight and call him my "teddy bear". In my dreams, he would put his arm around me to give me that sense of comfort I've been longing for. The sound of his voice soothes me, there was that assurance that he'll be with me all the way. I could go on and on about how the dream replays in my sleep for the past few days. But the bottom line is was in my dreams that I felt that "romance" I have been longing for.

Longing. Probably because I've never been in a "romantic" relationship all my life and I yearn to feel that "hopeless romantic" phase in my life. Yes, the dreams may say that I am longing for that one relationship that could maybe "complete" me.

I don't know who the guy is. All I know from that dream is that he was perfect... perfect for me, that is. And God knows that I pray that in due time, I'd meet him soon.

It's crazy. The truth is, one day, I'd like to wake up one morning and realize that I have fallen in love. I'd like to go through every day looking at the man who has made me feel this way, thinking how happy he has made me feel. Having that knowledge that I can spend the rest of my life with him. Knowing that I never have to worry about losing him because I am secured. One day, I'd like to know... just by looking through his eyes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogging Again.

It sure has been a long time since I last logged in my blog to post an entry. Too many things have happened over the past two months -- both good one and bad -- and I'm sorry I wasn't able to share those happenings with those of you who read my blog.

But I'm back and I'm sure going to update you on what's been happening.

It's past 4 in the morning and though I'm not writing any articles for work at the moment, I had to wake up early to arrange the stuff I need to bring to take to today's photo shoot. Yes, there's another shoot happening and before I go to the studio, I have to go to Western Bicutan in Taguig to pick up something. But hey, no complaining here. At least I don't get to spend hours and hours stuck in the office. Hehehe.

But you see, that's not exactly the real reason why I woke up so early. I'm supposed to have about 20 more minutes before I got up from bed. But I had this dream that has been recurring for the past week. And maybe it's my wishful thinking, that's why I've been having the dream I've been having.

I have to admit that it is a wonderful feeling that this dream brings to me. But whenever I wake up, it always makes me wonder... who it is that I am with in my dreams. It's frustrating -- not to see the face of the one I am with in those vivid dreams.

Suddenly, I am reminded of the "Dream of Me." Perfect song. At least for this moment. I will share with you the dream I had...

For now, let me leave you with this song...