Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell, 2010! Hello, 2011!

The clock is ticking and in a few hours, we are welcoming yet another year.

Funny, I didn't realize how fast 2010 passed by. It seemed only yesterday that I am celebrating the New Year with my dear family. Next thing I know, here I am again, waiting for the clock to strike 12 to say hello to 2011.

I am absolutely thankful for the year that was! No doubt about it. 2010 has given me so many experiences to remember. A lot of laughs, a lot of tears, a lot of stress, and a lot of surprises. Everything about the past 12 months, I am very grateful to the Lord. I cannot thank Him enough for letting me go through it all so I can become a better person.

For the year that passed, I am thankful for...
1. Lakbay Norte. Eight destinations in seven days... Need I say more?
2. Monthly Francisco gatherings at Lola's house. Every month is just absolutely fantastic! Thank you, Lola, for cooking the best foods ever!
3. My 24th birthday. While my celebration wasn't a three-part party like last year, I still had a wonderful time celebrating with my loved ones.
4. My second year anniversary at work. When June came, it wasn't just me celebrating another year in the magazine, it was definitely a joyous time because it was also the time I was promoted.
5. Going places. Literally! Whether for work or for leisure, I was happy that I get to travel.
6. Family bonding sessions. No matter how busy we are in our own work, I am so thankful that my family and I always have time for each other.
7. Starbucks GB3. Seriously, I don't think the year would have been the same if the partners aren't there. Thank you for the many treats!
8. Weddings. I've attended weddings of the people I am close to... And it was such an honor to witness the love they've shared with their better halves. Thank you for making me part of your wedding.
9. Christmas with the Francisco clan. Christmas with the Franciscos will forever be great! I always look forward to celebrating the holidays with the whole Francisco clan. This is what it really means to celebrate.
10. New people. This year, I have gained new friends. A lot of new friends. And simply for that, I am absolutely grateful. I thank God for letting me meet these amazing people who have made my life more colorful.

So what's in store for me in 2011? I have absolutely no idea. But here are a couple of things I am looking forward to...
- Kuya Rom and Ate Liza's wedding
- Trip to Batanes
- Lola' 92nd birthday
- My 25th birthday
- My third year anniversary in InFlight magazine
- Mama and Papa's 35th wedding anniversary
- Trip to Australia

2011, I claim you will be a year of my prayers answered! I leave it all to God.

Thank you, 2010! You've been great. To 2011, here's to a beautiful year ahead.
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