Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year-End Blog.

In a matter of hours, I will be bidding 2008 farewell, getting myself ready to welcome 2009 with open arms. I can't believe that 2008 is over just like that. It seemed like it has just begun and all of a sudden, I find myself looking back on the things that happened during the last twelve months.

2008 has been one roller coaster ride of emotions. From sadness to joy to bliss. But let's not dwell on the things that made me frown or cry or feel so depressed. I'd rather take the lessons I've learned through those experiences and keep them. As for the great things that happened, well, people know how it went. So to my dear readers, allow me to post this year-ender blog. After all, I've done this ever since I started blogging two years ago. Who's going to stop me now? Hehe...

What I'm thankful for the year 2008:
  • Celebrating my birthday with Kuya Rom (went back to the Philippines for a month, April celebrants complete!)
  • Going to Kota Kinabalu (much needed break from everything)
  • Finding work in SEAIR InFlight magazine (I love my job so much, I can't believe I'm doing it)
  • Going to Boracay for work (I love it!)
  • Monthly "dates" with Ate Det and Jan (bonding times with you are so blog-worthy, hehe)
  • Get-togethers with the Silan family (thanks for the lunch and dinner)
  • "Almost" monthly parties with LEP and InFlight (it seems like we never run out of occasions to celebrate)
  • HSBC Red Mastercard (I can't believe I have my own credit card! Hahaha!)
  • No more braces (who wouldn't be thankful after 6 years?)
  • Watching movies in the theater (with my kabarkadas)
  • Starbucks (what would I ever do without you?)
  • Chaikofi (my first choice to eat!)
  • Sale (it's always best to shop during SALE!)
  • Make-up galore (Since I've started working, I've been saving up for make up and I got myself that!)
  • Seeing my best friend Chi after more than a year (I missed you so much!)

...and actually so many more..

What I'm looking forward to in the year 2009:
  • My 23rd birthday
  • My parents' 33rd anniversary
  • One year in InFlight
  • More bonding sessions with friends
  • Movie dates with the barkada
  • Traveling
  • Camwhoring sessions

What people are wishing for me in the coming year (surprisingly, there's only one)
A boyfriend (hahahahaha!)

Tomorrow, it's not just another blog's a new year!

Happy new year, everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reasons Why I Loved Christmas 2008.

It is, by far, the best Christmas celebration I have ever had! To think that this celebration isn't over yet. From the noche buena until the end of Christmas day, everything was simply perfect. It really was a celebration to remember. It was more than I have imagined. So here I am, blogging to share with you why I loved Christmas 2008...and it all started on Christmas Eve.
  1. Got a weird, unexpected (yet very nice and sweet) "present" from someone...Nerds candy and Hershey's Milk Chocolate
  2. Got off work after lunch -- time to start the party!
  3. Last minute grocery shopping for the preparations of noche buena
  4. Got Kuya Rom's present at Sony Ericsson Concept Store -- much awaited K770i
  5. Gave out gifts to my "babies" in the condominium: Karl, Mikee and Rachel
  6. Received a Christmas kiss from one of my "babies": Karl
  7. Prepared all the food for noche buena without the help of Mama and Papi -- Arroz a la Valenciana, Beef Morcon, Macaroni Salad and Leche Flan
  8. Attended Christmas Eve mass with the family at San Isidro Church
  9. Video call with Kuya Rom minutes before Christmas day
  10. Succeeded in surprising Mama and Papi in giving my present: An overnight stay at Makati Shangri-la with complementary buffet breakfast
  11. Gave Kuya Miguel a refurbished K800i (new front face, keypad and joystick)
  12. Gave gifts to all my titos and titas in the Francisco family
  13. Gave gifts to my cousins in the Francisco family
  14. Was told I looked more beautiful and sexy (this I can't grasp) than ever
  15. Was thought of as a student still by my ninong
  16. Camwhoring moments with my cousins
  17. Still received a couple of ampaos from my relatives
  18. Got a brand new stuffed toy from Papi and Mama
  19. Got a Whatever bag from Tita Estie and Tito Ding
  20. The Christmas celebration is far from over!

So far, these are the reasons why I loved Christmas 2008!

Till my next entry,

Monday, December 22, 2008

In the Spirit of Christmas: My Christmas Message

I realized that it's been almost two weeks since I last posted an entry. As much as I wanted to blog about stuff, there's just no time. Fortunately, at this moment, I got some time to take a breather.

Three days to go and it's Christmas day. The birth of our Lord. And I am so excited about it! At least, I'm one of the fewer people I know who's in the Christmas spirit. A lot of people are down and out during the holiday season and it's sad to hear that the reason why they feel this way is because they don't have money. I'm not saying that I have lots of money that I'm in the mood to celebrate Christmas. But...when exactly did Christmas become so commercialized? When did the holidays become a burder to people?

Growing up in a family who lives by traditions, Christmas means:
  • Attending and completing the Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo;
  • Attending the Christmas Eve mass;
  • Cooking Arroz Valenciana for Noche Buena;
  • Going to ParaƱaque to celebrate Christmas day with the Franciscos;
  • Celebrating Christmas with the Fazons on December 30; and, of course
  • Giving gifts to family and loved ones
Ours is a family who doesn't really care what they receive. We go by the old saying, "it's the thought that counts." We may seem materialistic, what with the Christmas wishlists we put together every year. But in the end, it doesn't really matter. What's important to us is that we're together and that we are living our lives with God and family in our hearts.

It's sad that people see Christmas as that time of year when you have to spend so much on gifts. It's unfortunate that people think of the holidays as just another opportunity to get something from people.

So here's my Christmas message to all of you...

Instead of being a season of being grateful for what God has given us, Christmas is often publicized and celebrated for more materialistic reasons. The meaning of what transpired more than two thousand years ago is lost by many people who fail to understand that these material possessions are only temporary. However, the core values of faith, family, and charity will last for eternity.

While Christmas is certainly a time to exchange gifts with those close to you; take a little extra time to appreciate the family and friends you have around you, and take the opportunity to give some of yourself to those less fortunate. This season is a great time to help those among us who were not blessed with the same opportunities and privileges that we have. Help doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary; volunteer your time. Separate yourself from the crowd of inaction by taking positive actions by helping out in an outreach program or mentoring a kid.

Finally, be thankful for what you have and who you are this Christmas season. Rather than simply taking for granted all that surrounds you, be thankful that you have an education, you have a career; you have food on your table and clothes in your closet, and be thankful that you live with the most wonderful people in the world.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why I've Been Feeling Giddy Recently.

It's been such a long time since I felt this way. Years, I think. So allow me to be giddy until the feeling subsides. It doesn't happen to me always. By the time you finish reading this particular entry, you'd probably be laughing as you try to imagine how I would look like if I did share this story face to face. Also, as much as I would like to share this to the whole world, I'd rather share it with selected people as my officemates can access my blog in Multiply and to their knowledge, there's nobody in SEAIR that makes me feel like a high school girl with a crush that just won't go away.

Since we've moved to our new office, I've been noticing this particular guy. His name is Van. He's the creative manager of our company and our department works closely with them as they are in charge of putting up the airlines' and magazine's websites. I already knew of Van but I've never really noticed him. Until now.

InFlight's office is parallel to Helicon Technology. That's where Van really works. But since some of the people working in Helicon are stationed at our office, Van comes by from time to time to check up on things. So it's not impossible to not see him within the day. And almost always when Van drops by our office, he comes by to our space. He would walk up to my boss, Ms. Mons or simply say "hi" to me. That's how he is. I guess it was then that I started to notice him, really. When I got to see him everyday.

He's not really the obviously handsome guy, I think. He's not like the Brad Pitt or George Clooney type. But he has that appeal. He has white complexion, high bridged nose, and a really cute smile. He's part Spanish, by the way...which somehow, makes it rather easy for me to relate to him since we both speak Spanish from time to time. Sometimes, people would hear us talk and I could only imagine what they must be thinking when they hear us talk. Hehehe.

Surprisingly, it was easy to befriend him. He's a very approachable guy. He's the type who greets you whenever you pass by the hallway. He always has a smile on his face. He's like a kid at heart. I guess that's partly why I started to have a crush on him. Because he's genuinely a fun person to be around.

At times, I would feel giddy. Yeah, this is so high school-ish but it's true. He's got that effect on me that makes me smile whenever he's around. Just like yesterday. I was in my workspace, listening to my MP3 and concentrating on the tasks that need to be accomplished. I didn't realize he was in our office until I stood up to go to the comfort room. When I passed by him, he said, "Marge, ang cute mo naman sa suot mo." I didn't know what else to say but. "Thanks." The moment I got to the ladies' room, I think my smile was from ear to ear. Who wouldn't be like that? He noticed how I looked and got a compliment. While I'm still not very good at taking in compliments from other people, I've learned to say my gratitude when receiving them.

The thing is, I know it's only a crush. And that's all it will ever be. Not that I'm being cynical about it or anything but, you know, you just have that feeling that it's just like that. And I completely accept it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I just want to relish these moments. Moments that I can act like I'm the happiest girl in the planet. Hahaha!

So there! I've shared my story.

Until then,

Friday, December 05, 2008

Name Calling.

Finally, after thirty five minutes of reading blogs here and there, I've finally decided on a topic. Actually, the topic is already months old but who cares? It's my blog anyway and I can post anything I want to.

o O o

If you call me Margie, you are probably anyone who knows me -- family, relative, friend, colleagues. Most probably you are a relative from the Francisco clan. You are also, most likely, anyone from the Loricer batch.

If you call me Marge, you are Mama, Papi, Kuya Rom and Kuya Miguel. You are also probably either one of my superiors -- Ma'am Delza, Ms. Mons, Ms. Joy, Ms. Pam, Ms. Meg, Sir Jocas, Sir Art.

If you call me Maggie, you are an uncle or aunt from the Fazon clan.

If you call me Mags, you are one of my preschool classmates.

If you call me Ate Marge, you are someone I've went to school with who's from a lower batch.

If you call me Ate Maggie, you are either one of my cousins, Tiffany, Amber or Tyra.

If you call me Cuz, you are a cousin from Project 6.

If you call me 'Te, you are my cute neighbor Karl.

If you call me Ms. Marge, you are one of my officemates.

If you call me Ancy, you are one of my college kada -- LG Group.

If you call me Boss Marge, you are someone from TS.

If you call me Bez, you are my best friend Chi.

If you call me Bru, you are Euki.

If you call me Naynay, you are Alla.

If you call me Magzy, you are Mae.

If you call me Kapatid, you are Lesley.

If you call me Sis, you are Juice.

If you call me Madam, you are Emzi.

If you call me Ms. Editor, you are Jan.

If you call me Ate Margie or Ms. Margarita Francisco, you are Tito Oliver.

If you call me Pakner or Marga, you are Tracy.

If you call me Tsong, you are Marvi.

If you call me Prettygalmaggie, you are either Sir Peter or Sir Eric (getting ready to make fun of me).

If you call me Barista Killer, you are Wacky.

o O o

There you have it! The names people would call me...hahaha! If I haven't mentioned it, please leave a comment. Hehehe...

Till my next blog entry,

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Letter of Realization

My dearest,

Where do I begin? There is something that I want to share with you. Something that I want you to know. Unfortunately, I find it so hard to put the words into writing. Funny…I have written you letters before and suddenly I am at a loss. No matter what, I will be able to write you this letter. You and I have known each other ever since and I feel so comfortable telling you anything and everything there is to say. This time makes no difference.

Everyday of my life, I have asked for something special to happen to me. I waited day and night for that something to take place…until finally, it did. My dream came true.

I dreamt about someone. I envisioned him as a stranger walking into my life, a gift from a higher power. Love would be a miniscule word for what we would share. He would be an amazing person. He would be someone appearing when I would be at such a low point in my existence, a time I would have thought that the physical and emotional pain brought on by another would never end and would wear away at every fiber of my being until it consumed me and I was no more. During those moments, I would have tried to turn away for fear of the unknown. He would have planted his heels and looks deep in my soul and stayed. He would compromise his life and his goals to help me survive…and I would be eternally indebted to him. Without him…I would not be.

Every night before I sleep, his sweet voice would echo through mine. As I rest my head on my pillow, a smile would seep through my soul, knowing that he, and him alone, would have made me whole.

He would have become a beacon to me. Whenever I would feel as though I have drifted too far into the disparity that would cloud my life, I would look up to find him guiding me to safety. I would have stayed here not because this place is home…but because he is my home.

He would be the very air I breathe, the very love I need…my heart, my soul, my everything. The sweetest of my memories would come when I think of him. I would remember the very first day I saw him, I would not believe I was looking at a human being. I would have pinched myself the hardest one could ever do so as to wake myself up from the drunken stupor I would be in. For a moment, I would have believed I was in heaven; I would have even danced to the music the angels would be singing. Upon opening my eyes, I would realize I was not in heaven but that an angel had come down to earth, just for me.

The music of his voice would surpass that of the greatest orchestra belting out its very best composition. His skin would be softer than the finest satin and glows radiantly illuminating like the sun, setting over a serene pool of crystal clear water. His eyes would dance like mermaids in the sunshine, promulgating the exotic beauty from his innermost being. Words alone limit me to explain exactly how I feel about him.

I would say he is the sole comforter to me, the only one who would ever take the pain to understand me. He would dry every tear that would fall down my cheek. Loving him would be the best thing that would have ever happened to me and I would cherish the moments we would have spent together.

Most people will spend their entire lives searching for a perfection that almost never exists. Most people will spend their days looking at each other they encountered with question as to whether or not they have found a reason, a season, or a lifetime. I, on the other hand, have found eternity – because I have found you.

You…this…there is where I am meant to be. You are what my entire life has led up to. You are my best friend, my protector, my mentor…my absolute soulmate.

Soulmates do exist and now I have learned that there is beauty behind all imperfections. It took me years to realize this. Love is not a job, love simply is. Unconditional love is what I offer you and with you, I wish to receive the same. You are my heart, my companion, my partner.

Every night that I dream of heaven, I have gotten used to the idea that they are looking for an angel, one that went missing the day you stepped into my life, the day all my sorrows were washed away and I took a step into the impossible, crossing the margin from natural to supernatural.

It is true when they say, “God makes you meet a few wrong people, before you meet the right one, so you will be able to appreciate and understand their worth.” You are my heart, my companion, my partner. You are my angel and forever will be. The one whose memories I will treasure forever till the day I turn into an angel like you.

Loving you always,

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Additional Christmas Wishlist Items.

1. Kimono dress
It's a dress I've been hoping to get for the past few months

2. Trench coat
I've been wishing for a trench coat since 2005

3. Origins Ginger Essence
Since I smelled this scent, I can't get it out of my mind

4. Mwah Lace eau de toilette
I so love this scent from Bench

5. This Diary Will Change Your Life 2009
Absolutely fabulous!

6. Belle De Jour Power Planner 2009
Someone's getting me this already...hehehe....

This is an entry to the Christmas Wishlist Online Contest by Manila Freelancer. Check out this site by Melo Villareal.