Monday, April 12, 2010

On Going 24...

In just a couple of hours, I will be turning another year older. I'll be 24 soon as the clock strikes midnight. Well, okay, if we are to consider the exact time of my birth, then I'd have to say that I'll be 24 years old by 5:20 in the morning, hehehe. And so, another year will pass and a new year will arrive.

I've been going through my blog entries for the past year, along with my journal I have here in my room, and I have to say that the past 12 months of being a 23-year-old are the most memorable! When I turned 23 last year, I have to admit -- I didn't expect much. At the back of my mind, it's like I didn't really have anything to look forward to, except for family gatherings. But then, things fell into place that I never imagined. I went to Davao twice, I sang in front of an audience a couple of times, I went to 8 destinations in one week... and so much more!

Of course, it wasn't all about fun. When I turned 23 last year, I knew that I had a bigger responsibility, not only to myself but also to my family. Oh the responsibility. A lot of times, I am anxious about getting so much responsibility at work and at home. But at the end of the day, I realize that these responsibilities aren't just handed to me for no reason at all. People trust me. People have confidence in me that I can do it. And for that, I am grateful.

If I give you reasons why I am so grateful for the past year, I can only summarize them in three words: family, friends, work. I don't think I can be this grown-up without them.

You know, oddly enough, it's the first time in my 24 years of existence that I actually feel like I've really turned a year older. Before, birthdays didn't have this much impact on me, just because I felt that there's really no change when celebrating birthdays, except that it's a new number you write on paper when you're asked for your age. But then, this feeling of going on 24, I actually feel different. Good different. In the sense that, age is not just a number now. It's about taking in all those experiences you've had the year before and looking forward to the future.

Yes, in a couple of hours, I will officially be 24 years old. Celebrate with me. Smile, have fun, eat a slice of cake for me.

Happy birthday to me!

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