Saturday, March 28, 2009

23 Things to Do When I Turn 23.

Today is March 28th.

Nothing special. To me, it just means that in four days, the month of April will arrive. How time really flies.

It doesn't happen every year that I get to celebrate my birthday on time. Mostly, I celebrate it a few days after since it almost always falls on the Holy Week. So yeah, I'm pretty excited for my birthday. In 16 days, I'll be turning 23 and I can honestly say, this is the most excited I've ever been. I don't even understand why I'm looking forward so eagerly for my birthday. It's a little bit aggravating on my part because I'm scared that I might be "too excited" that when I get to my birthday, I'd be a little too serious on that day.

Then again, I don't think it's going to be like that at all. After all, there are two things I'm excited to do on my birthday for the first time: Prepare birthday lunch handaan for my officemates and treat my family to dinner. Expensive, yes...but I really don't care because it's about spending time with the people you care about, with the people you have fun with, and of course, with people you love.

So I've been thinking about it and I've come up with a list. Of course, there's always a list. Haha! In no particular order, here are the 23 things I'd like to do when I turn 23:
  1. Go to Boracay or Palawan with family
  2. Go to Boracay or Palawan with friends
  3. Sing a great song in front of an audience (Yes, I'd like to be a singing star even for just a couple of minutes)
  4. Buy myself a netbook (Either HP Mini or Dell Mini)
  5. Go to a concert (Eager to go to the David Cook-David Archuleta concert)
  6. Watch a musical (Come on, REP! What do you have for this season?)
  7. Learn how to ice skate (I haven't done it in 10 years)
  8. Learn how to drive
  9. Record an album (Just for fun)
  10. Go on a weekend retreat
  11. Start writing a book
  12. Spend a whole day reading a great novel
  13. Grow my hair longer
  14. Buy really expensive (but uber fantastic) shoes
  15. Meet a celebrity I look up to
  16. Write and op-ed and get published
  17. Learn my blood type (Yes, until now, I have yet to find out what my blood type is)
  18. Start a daily habit of something
  19. Go back to Enchanted Kingdom and be a kid again (It's been so long)
  20. Find a movie buddy and watch new movies at least once a month
  21. Take at least one interesting photo each day
  22. Go somewhere abroad (Just because)
  23. Go on a date (Yeah, I think it's about time...besides, Lola keeps reminding me of my December 2009 deadline)
And there you have it. My 23 things to do when I turn 23 -- I've a year to accomplish those things. I hope I can accomplish them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Song Syndrome: When Did You Fall (In Love with Me)

I just heard this song last night and from the second I heard its melody, I instantly fell in love with it. It's probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. I couldn't stop smiling as I listened to the song. The lyrics of the song spoke to me. It's those kinds of songs that make me want to sing it. *Sigh*

o O o

Chris Rice - When Did You Fall
From the album Amusing

You’re all smiles and silly conversation
As if this sunny day came just for you
You twist your hair, you smile and you turn your eyes away
C’mon, tell me what’s right with you
Now it dawns on me probably everybody’s talkin’
And there’s something here I’m supposed to realize
‘Cause your secret’s out, and the universe laughs at it’s joke on me
I just caught it in your eyes, it’s a beautiful surprise

When did you fall in love with me?
Was it out of the blue
‘Cause I swear I never knew it
When did you let your heart run free?
Have you been waiting long?
When did you fall in love with me?
When did you fall in love?

Make your way over here, sit down by this fool, and let’s rewind
C’mon, let’s go back and replay all our scenes
You can point out the hints, the clues, the twists and the smiles this time
All the ones that slipped by me
I bet my face is red, and you can hear my heart poundin’
Well I guess it don’t matter now that I realize
‘Cause baby I missed it then, but I can surely see you now
Right there before my eyes
You’re my beautiful surprise

Was it at the coffee shop
Or that morning at the bus stop
When you almost slipped, and I caught your hand
Or the time we built the snowman
The day at the beach, sandy and warm
Or the night with the scary thunderstorm
I never saw the signs
Now we’ve got to make up for lost time
And I can tell now by the way that you’re looking at me
I’d better finish this song so my lips will be free

Have you been waiting long, when did you fall in love
I kept you waiting so long, when did you fall
Have you been waiting long
When did you fall in love with me
When did you fall in love?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Smiling Like Crazy.

It's one of those days that I can just say, "I'm so happy, I couldn't stop smiling." Even as I was walking on my way home today, I can't help but smile at the thought that was running through my head.

For those who don't know, it's because of one guy. Yes, the reason for my spontaneous smiles and my everyday giddiness is him. For those who know who "him" is, well, ok, I'll say it. His name is Van.

I've said it before. I feel happy, lighthearted when he's around. Never a day went by when I didn't smile when I saw him at work. He's too darn contagious. When he's around, I could just feel his energy. He's infectious, that's what he is. I can't help laugh at his quirks.

Today, I was so surprised when out of nowhere he gave me ice cream -- Double Dutch. A personal favorite, I might add.

I know I shouldn't too excited over this but the fact that it's happening to me now...every day...I just feel like I'm in a place where I can stay there until the feeling subsides...and the funny thing is that I feel the feeling will never subside. Because he's always around.

I told myself I wouldn't be like this. Be too eager with these feelings. But when I think about it, I keep telling myself, I deserve to feel this happiness. I remember my prayer to God. I asked Him to let me meet someone who can surprise me at work from time to time. And He let me meet someone who surprises me everyday at work. Whether it be he comes in the office and says, "Hey Marge" in his Homer Simpson impersonation...whether it be he says "Kain" as his greeting to me...whether he comes in the office from out of nowhere and makes me jump out of my seat...whether he takes my food and finishes it off and then comes back and gives me food to replace the ones he ate. The point is, he manages to surprise me.

Thank you, God! You really have the best sense of humor.

I'm sorry. I know I've never sounded like this in my blog entries. But this heartwarming feeling inside of me is too much to contain, I just had to let it out and share it with you.

Bottom line: I'm just happy to know someone like Van.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Oddest Francisco Family Gathering...Yet.

My Tito Bert just arrived two days ago from Canada to visit Lola Bait who’s going to celebrate her 90th birthday on March 14. So when we were on our way to ParaƱaque for our family gathering, I anticipated we will be talking about Tito Bert’s birthday on Thursday, Lola’s birthday on Saturday, and about my cousin Ate Chrissy’s upcoming wedding in July.

But I was so wrong! Though the discussion about the birthday celebrations and the wedding came up, the day was mostly about my relatives asking me the question I feared to answer. I wouldn’t call it torture...but it did feel like I’ve done something that was out of the ordinary.

Conversation # 1: With Tita Estie
Tita: Ano Margie, may boyfriend ka na ba?
Margie: Wala po.
Tita: Marami bang lalake sa inyo?
Margie: Meron naman po, sa IT department.
Tita: O, eh di pumunta ka dun sa IT.
Margie: Same office po kami. May kasama naman po akong lalake sa office.
Tita: Ganun? Eh di mabuti. Bakit? Wala ka ba magustuhan?
Margie: Tita naman, trabaho po.
Tita: Ano ka ba? Ok lang mag-boyfriend...kaya magpaligaw ka na.

Conversation # 2: With Tito Bert
Tito: Ano na ba ang balita sayo?
Margie: Nagtratrabaho na po ako. Eto po yung magazine namin o. (sabay labas ng InFlight)
Tito: Aba, eh di nakakapunta ka kung saan-saan.
Margie: Opo.
Tito: Mabuti naman kung ganun. Eh may nakilala ka na ba?
Margie: Po?
Tito: Manliligaw? Boyfriend?
Margie: Naku, Tito, wala pa po. Wala pang nagkakamaling manligaw. Hehehe...
Tito: Nagpapakipot ka ata eh. Ang mga pinsan mo may mga boyfriend at girlfriend na. Ate Chrissy mo, ikakasal na, 29 na yun.
Margie: Eh Tito, mag-23 pa lang naman po ako sa April.
Tito: Baka naman ayaw mo magpaligaw. Imposible naman wala ka pa nakikilala.
Margie: Papa nga po, hindi ako pine-pressure eh.
Tito: Tahimik lang yan si Nany pero maniwala ka sa’kin, gusto na rin nya magka-boyfriend ka. Ganyan ako sa Ate Chrissy mo.

Conversation # 3: With Lola (talking in Spanish; translated in Tagalog)
Lola: Malapit ka nap ala mag-birthday ano?
Margie: Opo, 23 na po next month
Lola: May boyfriend ka na ba?
Margie: Naku Lola, wala pa po. Hindi ko pa po iniintindi yun.
Lola: Alam mo ba? Kami ng lolo mo, nung kinasal, 23 ako tapos lolo mo 27. Wala man lang ba nanliligaw sayo?
Margie: Lola naman, nakakapressure naman yung sinabi nyo.
Lola: Ang ibig sabihin ko lang, bakit di ka pa magpaligaw?


I never would have thought I would be hearing these things from them.

Why? Why is it that all of a sudden everybody’s interested in my non-existent love life?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Birthday Wish List 2009.

42 days until I celebrate my 23rd birthday.

I cannot believe how fast the year is going. In exactly 7 weeks, I will be celebrating my birthday. Wow! And now, I can't stop thinking about what I want for my birthday.

This is my wish list for when I turn 23.

The attainable wishes:
Stuff I like that can be given on my birthday...

Recently, I had a closet cleanup and I realized I didn't have much tees. I had a lot of blouses and dressy tops but not a lot of simply classic t-shirts. After such a long time looking for such apparel, I have found the answer to my prayers: The Perfect White Shirt. Not only do they have the t-shirts I want, they also have statement shirts. Yes, they are indeed perfect.

Starbucks paraphernalia will never leave my wish list. I'll always have it. How I wish someone would give me a mug or a tumbler. I need my coffee! Hahahaha!

The good thing about having my birthday in summer is that I have a reason to buy swim wear. I'm loving the swimsuits from Sun 'n Sand and Sassa. They're absolutely gorgeous! So if I have friends who are willing to buy me swimsuits, let me know when you want me to join your shopping for my birthday.

This is one gift I know I'm already getting for my birthday. Thanks to my bru, Euki, who's working in Charter International, Inc., she's getting me this wonderful pair of M. Nicole sandals. I just love it! Bru, let me know what else is there I can get. Mwah!

Bags are always nice birthday gifts to someone like me who has a lot of stuff to bring to work. I desire no particular brand as long as it's big and chic and beautiful.

The hard-to-get wishes:
Stuff I like that are too expensive to buy to give on my birthday. Probably even impossible to get.

I instantly fell in love with Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop the first time I saw it on the net. It's just something I hope I'd get but I know it would be too expensive for anyone to buy this for me.

I need my music and that can be given to me by having an iPod Nano. After talking to a lot of people, they've told me to get this particular MP3 player. And I've already used it when I borrowed a friend's I want an iPod of my own. This is pricey, yes. But I'm hoping I can save up enough money to buy it for myself on my special day.

For my camwhoring moments, I want to have a Sony Cybershot T77. It's not enough that I only get to take pictures on my cellphone, I want my very own digital camera.

The last time I used DKNY Women was way back in 2006. And I haven't seen one every since. I do wish I'd receive this perfume. I miss this scent...

I love Sony Ericsson. Ever since I had my very own Sony Ericsson unit (which was an SE K500i), I never went back to other units. It was Sony Ericsson all the way. And then I discovered their latest product, the Sony Ericsson Idou. It's all wishful thinking to get this. Maybe in 5 years, I can buy myself this gadget.

The all-too-impossible wish:
Something I know for sure will remain a wish...

It's impossible to happen. I know that it wouldn't happen becuase if it will, I would absolutely be shocked, I'd think I'm just dreaming and everything is just my imagination. But it doesn't hurt to fantasize, right?

I wish that on my birthday, I'd receive a nice bouquet of flowers from someone. Who that someone is? I can't even say. Not because I don't want to say but because I don't know if there's anyone out who likes me that much to even care to give me a flower, what more a bouquet. But it would be so great if I did get a bouquet. It would mean that I'm special, important to that one person. It's not just receiving the bouquet. It's that getting such attention from someone...not just from a friend...but from someone who can say he likes me.

What makes this wish impossible? I do wish that apart from the bouquet, he would ask me out on a date...just the two of celebrate my birthday.

Such a fantasy, I know. But, like I never hurts to fantasize.

Well, my dear readers, I end my birthday wish list here.

Until I can think of other stuff, then I'd be posting again soon.