Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Birthday Wish List 2009.

42 days until I celebrate my 23rd birthday.

I cannot believe how fast the year is going. In exactly 7 weeks, I will be celebrating my birthday. Wow! And now, I can't stop thinking about what I want for my birthday.

This is my wish list for when I turn 23.

The attainable wishes:
Stuff I like that can be given on my birthday...

Recently, I had a closet cleanup and I realized I didn't have much tees. I had a lot of blouses and dressy tops but not a lot of simply classic t-shirts. After such a long time looking for such apparel, I have found the answer to my prayers: The Perfect White Shirt. Not only do they have the t-shirts I want, they also have statement shirts. Yes, they are indeed perfect.

Starbucks paraphernalia will never leave my wish list. I'll always have it. How I wish someone would give me a mug or a tumbler. I need my coffee! Hahahaha!

The good thing about having my birthday in summer is that I have a reason to buy swim wear. I'm loving the swimsuits from Sun 'n Sand and Sassa. They're absolutely gorgeous! So if I have friends who are willing to buy me swimsuits, let me know when you want me to join your shopping for my birthday.

This is one gift I know I'm already getting for my birthday. Thanks to my bru, Euki, who's working in Charter International, Inc., she's getting me this wonderful pair of M. Nicole sandals. I just love it! Bru, let me know what else is there I can get. Mwah!

Bags are always nice birthday gifts to someone like me who has a lot of stuff to bring to work. I desire no particular brand as long as it's big and chic and beautiful.

The hard-to-get wishes:
Stuff I like that are too expensive to buy to give on my birthday. Probably even impossible to get.

I instantly fell in love with Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop the first time I saw it on the net. It's just something I hope I'd get but I know it would be too expensive for anyone to buy this for me.

I need my music and that can be given to me by having an iPod Nano. After talking to a lot of people, they've told me to get this particular MP3 player. And I've already used it when I borrowed a friend's I want an iPod of my own. This is pricey, yes. But I'm hoping I can save up enough money to buy it for myself on my special day.

For my camwhoring moments, I want to have a Sony Cybershot T77. It's not enough that I only get to take pictures on my cellphone, I want my very own digital camera.

The last time I used DKNY Women was way back in 2006. And I haven't seen one every since. I do wish I'd receive this perfume. I miss this scent...

I love Sony Ericsson. Ever since I had my very own Sony Ericsson unit (which was an SE K500i), I never went back to other units. It was Sony Ericsson all the way. And then I discovered their latest product, the Sony Ericsson Idou. It's all wishful thinking to get this. Maybe in 5 years, I can buy myself this gadget.

The all-too-impossible wish:
Something I know for sure will remain a wish...

It's impossible to happen. I know that it wouldn't happen becuase if it will, I would absolutely be shocked, I'd think I'm just dreaming and everything is just my imagination. But it doesn't hurt to fantasize, right?

I wish that on my birthday, I'd receive a nice bouquet of flowers from someone. Who that someone is? I can't even say. Not because I don't want to say but because I don't know if there's anyone out who likes me that much to even care to give me a flower, what more a bouquet. But it would be so great if I did get a bouquet. It would mean that I'm special, important to that one person. It's not just receiving the bouquet. It's that getting such attention from someone...not just from a friend...but from someone who can say he likes me.

What makes this wish impossible? I do wish that apart from the bouquet, he would ask me out on a date...just the two of celebrate my birthday.

Such a fantasy, I know. But, like I never hurts to fantasize.

Well, my dear readers, I end my birthday wish list here.

Until I can think of other stuff, then I'd be posting again soon.

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