Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eight Weeks and Counting

It's just now that I realized that in about eight weeks, I'd be celebrating my 23rd birthday. Oh yes, I'm turning 23 and it's always a surprise to everyone when I tell them I look forward turning a year older. Truth be told, this is probably one of those "once in a blue moon" sort of things where I am absolutely excited about celebrating it.

This excitement got me thinking of what I want to do on my birthday...and of course, what I want to get on my birthday. So I guess this blog is going to be about my wishlist for that special day.

What I want to do:

  • Go to mass (it's always the best way to start the day)
  • Party number 1: Birthday dinner with family (it's tradition)
  • Party number 2: Birthday lunch with officemates (because that's what we do when it's someone's birthday)
  • Party number 3: Birthday dinner with friends (of course)
  • Go to Boracay (for a much needed vacation)
  • Go to a spa (because I want to be pampered)
  • See my hairstylist and get a hair treatment (it's been a long time since I got a treatment)
  • Shop for uber nice clothes (just because)
  • Watch a movie (if there's something nice to watch)
  • Meet a celebrity (please?)
  • Sing! (because I want to)
  • Drink Starbucks white chocolate mocha frappuccino (I love Starbucks!)

What I want:
  • Starbucks tumbler or mug (because I need it)
  • Vidal Sassoon ceramic curler and straightener (because I'm vain)
  • Shoes or stilettos from M. Nicole (size 9 please -- Bru, help me!)
  • Swimsuits from Sun ‘n Sand (my RTW size is small)
  • Gladiator sandals (just to say I have a pair or two)
  • Necklace, bracelet or ring (silver is preferable; bead-accented are also nice)
  • DKNY Women (I’ve been searching for it since I ran out of perfume)
  • The Nanny Complete DVD Series (since I already have FRIENDS)
  • Trench coat (because I've been wishing for it since 2005)

What I'm wishing to happen:

...because it would just make my birthday the most special if this happened...
  • A nice bouquet of flowers
  • A date

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