Saturday, March 28, 2009

23 Things to Do When I Turn 23.

Today is March 28th.

Nothing special. To me, it just means that in four days, the month of April will arrive. How time really flies.

It doesn't happen every year that I get to celebrate my birthday on time. Mostly, I celebrate it a few days after since it almost always falls on the Holy Week. So yeah, I'm pretty excited for my birthday. In 16 days, I'll be turning 23 and I can honestly say, this is the most excited I've ever been. I don't even understand why I'm looking forward so eagerly for my birthday. It's a little bit aggravating on my part because I'm scared that I might be "too excited" that when I get to my birthday, I'd be a little too serious on that day.

Then again, I don't think it's going to be like that at all. After all, there are two things I'm excited to do on my birthday for the first time: Prepare birthday lunch handaan for my officemates and treat my family to dinner. Expensive, yes...but I really don't care because it's about spending time with the people you care about, with the people you have fun with, and of course, with people you love.

So I've been thinking about it and I've come up with a list. Of course, there's always a list. Haha! In no particular order, here are the 23 things I'd like to do when I turn 23:
  1. Go to Boracay or Palawan with family
  2. Go to Boracay or Palawan with friends
  3. Sing a great song in front of an audience (Yes, I'd like to be a singing star even for just a couple of minutes)
  4. Buy myself a netbook (Either HP Mini or Dell Mini)
  5. Go to a concert (Eager to go to the David Cook-David Archuleta concert)
  6. Watch a musical (Come on, REP! What do you have for this season?)
  7. Learn how to ice skate (I haven't done it in 10 years)
  8. Learn how to drive
  9. Record an album (Just for fun)
  10. Go on a weekend retreat
  11. Start writing a book
  12. Spend a whole day reading a great novel
  13. Grow my hair longer
  14. Buy really expensive (but uber fantastic) shoes
  15. Meet a celebrity I look up to
  16. Write and op-ed and get published
  17. Learn my blood type (Yes, until now, I have yet to find out what my blood type is)
  18. Start a daily habit of something
  19. Go back to Enchanted Kingdom and be a kid again (It's been so long)
  20. Find a movie buddy and watch new movies at least once a month
  21. Take at least one interesting photo each day
  22. Go somewhere abroad (Just because)
  23. Go on a date (Yeah, I think it's about time...besides, Lola keeps reminding me of my December 2009 deadline)
And there you have it. My 23 things to do when I turn 23 -- I've a year to accomplish those things. I hope I can accomplish them.

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