Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reasons Why I Loved Christmas 2008.

It is, by far, the best Christmas celebration I have ever had! To think that this celebration isn't over yet. From the noche buena until the end of Christmas day, everything was simply perfect. It really was a celebration to remember. It was more than I have imagined. So here I am, blogging to share with you why I loved Christmas 2008...and it all started on Christmas Eve.
  1. Got a weird, unexpected (yet very nice and sweet) "present" from someone...Nerds candy and Hershey's Milk Chocolate
  2. Got off work after lunch -- time to start the party!
  3. Last minute grocery shopping for the preparations of noche buena
  4. Got Kuya Rom's present at Sony Ericsson Concept Store -- much awaited K770i
  5. Gave out gifts to my "babies" in the condominium: Karl, Mikee and Rachel
  6. Received a Christmas kiss from one of my "babies": Karl
  7. Prepared all the food for noche buena without the help of Mama and Papi -- Arroz a la Valenciana, Beef Morcon, Macaroni Salad and Leche Flan
  8. Attended Christmas Eve mass with the family at San Isidro Church
  9. Video call with Kuya Rom minutes before Christmas day
  10. Succeeded in surprising Mama and Papi in giving my present: An overnight stay at Makati Shangri-la with complementary buffet breakfast
  11. Gave Kuya Miguel a refurbished K800i (new front face, keypad and joystick)
  12. Gave gifts to all my titos and titas in the Francisco family
  13. Gave gifts to my cousins in the Francisco family
  14. Was told I looked more beautiful and sexy (this I can't grasp) than ever
  15. Was thought of as a student still by my ninong
  16. Camwhoring moments with my cousins
  17. Still received a couple of ampaos from my relatives
  18. Got a brand new stuffed toy from Papi and Mama
  19. Got a Whatever bag from Tita Estie and Tito Ding
  20. The Christmas celebration is far from over!

So far, these are the reasons why I loved Christmas 2008!

Till my next entry,

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