Friday, October 03, 2008

The Beginning of an R&R Weekend.

Today is, fortunately, an easy-going day. Yes, I’ve been at work about two hours but truth of the matter is, this day is a lot more stress-free compared to that of yesterday’s shindig. Although I don’t mind the adrenaline rush, I’m relieved that for now, I get to relax in a way.

Right now, I’m much more focused on the paper works that has been neatly placed on my desk tray (thank you for being so organized instead of just leaving it on my table). Research here, phone call there, organizing this, meeting that. How great it is that I’m not rushing anything. And for that to happen on a Friday is what makes it even better. That means I’ll be having a great weekend. It’s the beginning of a much-needed R&R.

In between my composing this entry, I research events and other travel-related news for our December ’08-January ’09 issue. It’s really a fast-paced environment – working in a magazine. Nonetheless, it’s really great. I do think I’ve been meeting the expectations of my bosses. Hopefully, the longer I stay here, I will be able to exceed those expectations. I don’t want to make my being the newbie or being the youngest here in the office as an excuse that I can’t fulfill my responsibilities.

Anyway, I’ll blog later in the evening if I can. Right now, I need to get back to work.


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