Friday, October 24, 2008

From Manila to Boracay then Manila Again.

For those of you who don't know, I have just gotten back from my trip to Boracay. Oh yes! It was a rather unexpected news that I get to join the InFlight team for the cover story coverage. But I'd say I was probably the happiest girl that time because I get to go and see the photo shoot for the cover.

The trip, though it was all work for our team, was a many of firsts for me.

First time... go to Boracay riding SEAIR aircraft (yeah!) do a story on location (exciting!)
...staying in a hotel in Boracay that isn't beachfront...and loving it (absolutely love it)
...not seeing the beach (unfortunately) wear mini skirts and denim shorts without my dad telling me "That's too short!" (Papi just had a breakthrough)
...that my boss saw my evening ritual (now she knows how vain I am) receive so many compliments about my legs (apparently, I have beautiful legs)
...not being able to camwhore even for a little bit (awwwww...) enjoy Mandala's ginger slush and Tropics' mango-cucumber slush (yummy!)
...not eating too much (there's something about Boracay that makes me watch what I eat)
...meeting Cris Yabes (a very nice person)
...feeling not in the Philippines because of the majority people staying in Boracay: Koreans (is this an invasion?) be thought of as a Korean (do I, really?)

Despite working the long hours, I definitely had one of the best times in Boracay! Dinners are always worth looking forward to. Other than the fact that dinners meant work for the day was done, those were times I get to bond with the team. Yes, I was the quiet one in the group but there's only one explanation why...I was hungry and I don't want to do anything but eat.

No, there wasn't really a chance to go and buy some souvenirs or even stroll by the beach to relax. But that was fine. I still enjoyed the trip very much. And despite the fact I wasn't able to take a dip in the beach, at least I got to wear my bikinis...yeah! Ms. Mons was the only one who saw me wear them, though.

Now I look forward to every out of town assignments.

I wonder what's next...

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