Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist 2008.

In just a few weeks, Christmas is here again. So I guess it's about time to start thinking of a wishlist again. I was supposed to do this next week but my friend from high school Meg recently posted her Pink Christmas that got me thinking of what I want for the yuletide season.

1. Laptop for my workload

As much as I love the "baby" laptop I have now (I have never parted with my Dell Latitude D610), I need to have a laptop for work. I'm already abusing my "baby" with late night shifts and almost full memory. I need a laptop where I can do all my workload and only that. I wish I can have a Dell XPS M1330.

2. Sandals for my trips

I'm crazy about Banana Peel sandals! I just love their designs since I first laid eyes on them when I started working in SEAIR. Oh yes! I definitely want to collect them! Right now, I have my eyes on the Mixberry and Urban Gal designs. Every design of the Sola Collection and the Sleek Chic is just fantastic so I wouldn't mind getting any from those. Just remember: I’m a size 9.

3. Cellphone for my everyday needs

As with any profession, I need to separate my work life from my personal life. Having only one phone to make calls with clients and family at the same time is simply taxing. So maybe by the time I become a regular in SEAIR, I can request the company to provide me with that. Will they let me have a Sony Ericsson K770i?

4. Cosmetics for my growing collection

I love make up! I especially love those which are simply classic. I don't usually buy high end products but if I was asked which one I like the best, I would most definitely say MAC. I love their blush! From the powder blush to the mineralized blush, I just adore them.

5. 2009 planner for my need to organize my schedule

Every year, I always have to have an organizer. Preferably the kind that allows me to write everything there...and by that, I mean a day per page is a must! The Keny Organizer Perforate would suffice. I always like to have the type of organizer where it’s stylish but very practical.

6. Journal for my random thoughts

No matter what happens, no matter where I go, I always -- and I do mean always -- have a small journal with me so I can write down my thoughts...whether I feel sad or happy or inspired, I just need to have that journal to write it in. A notebook from Papemelroti is always a nice one to have.

7. Starbucks mug or tumbler for my coffee cravings

More often than not, I drink coffee (or hot chocolate) when I work. It is a source of my energy. The thing is, I don’t like drinking in a small cup because if I do, I will keep drinking caffeine and that’s not a good thing. I like the mugs in Starbucks because it’s the right size. A tumbler is also a great gift, if I do say so myself. I can always use the tumbler for when I have cold drinks. Of course, I’ll be able to have discount (no matter how small the amount may be) whenever I order from Starbucks.

8. Digital camera for my camwhoring moments

Let’s face have a digicam of my own would be better (even if I already have a Sony Ericsson Cybershot mobile phone). Truth be told, the phone wouldn’t survive if I abuse it with my camwhoring sessions. I have my eye on the Sony Cybershot T77. My favorite color is, of course, green.

9. MP3 player for my music

Never a day goes by that I don’t listen to music. Therefore, I need to have the perfect MP3 for that. I love Creative Zen (4GB is enough to store music I can listen to all day). It’s sleek, it’s chic, it’s simply fantastic. Whoever can give me this is going to make me the happiest person in the world!

10. Ceramic hair curler and straightener for my vanity session

What have I been saying when it comes to my hair, “Guluhin n’yo na buhay ko, wag lang ang buhok ko.” I take pride in being vain with my hair. I take care of it as if I’m supposed to meet someone special so not a strand of hair must be misplaced. The Vidal Sassoon ceramic curler and straightener is definitely something I can use. I wouldn’t use it everyday but of course, where I feel like going the extra mile, that’s just the way to go.

So those are my ten Christmas wishlist. In no particular order, by the way. Yes, I do want to have some rather expensive things. But when I think about it, these things aren’t just going to make me happy then. They would satisfy me until I run out of reasons to use them and I don’t think I will.

Still thinking of what you can buy me for Christmas? Fret not, here are some more suggestions...

  • Shoes or stilettos from M. Nicole (size 9 please)
  • Swimsuits from Sun ‘n Sand (my RTW size is small)
  • Gladiator sandals (just to say I have a pair or two)
  • Necklace, bracelet or ring (silver is preferable; bead-accented are also nice)
  • DKNY Women (I’ve been searching for it since I ran out of perfume)
  • New books released by Visual Print Enterprises (think Jessica Zafra and Bob Ong and Robin Rivera and Manix Abrera)
  • David Cook’s first album (if there’s already one)
  • The Nanny Complete DVD Series (since I already have FRIENDS)

Well, for now, that’s all I can think about. Hehehe.

Till my next wishlist.


This is an entry to the Christmas Wishlist Online Contest by Manila Freelancer. Check out this site by Melo Villareal.

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