Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got to Blog Again!

Ok! So it’s been more than a week since I last updated my blog. Sorry, readers. Work has been too hectic to squeeze in time for blogging. Though I don’t usually give people “total access” to my personal life (quite ironic, given that I have been blogging almost every detail of it), let me give you a quick recap of what I have been doing for the past week.

October 7 – booking InFlight team for Borongan-Manila flight; interviewing celebrities (damn! I have to say, I haven’t been able to speak any Tagalog while interviewing these people)

October 8 – calling representatives from Palawan to interview them about my news article

October 9 – the interview with celebrities continues...once again, I cannot sneak even a single Tagalog word in (This was also the birthday of my bru, Euki)

October 10 – calling Spa Association of the Philippines to ask for inputs for our December-January story
**It was a rather weird (but happy) night because I had dinner with Tito Oliver, Tita Belen, Jalila and Jan at Pancake House. Weird because Tito Oliver keeps telling me he’s going to set me up with any guy I choose. All I had to do was point at someone and he’ll take care of the rest**

October 11-12 – yes, it’s the weekend but I have yet to catch a break since I have been busy taking care of ortho appointments, work and family business

October 13 – booking InFlight team to Boracay

October 14 – go-c of female models for the Boracay photo shoot

October 15 – finishing up other articles needed to be submitted

October 16 – Skype meeting with our boss to discuss InFlight website

But I have time to do it now since I didn’t have to bring any work at home today. It’s also a good thing that I’ve been able to blog now because I won’t be able to do this for another week. Why, you ask? Because next week, I’ll be in Boracay for my first ever on-location assignment!

You read it right! By next week, I’ll be going to Boracay with the entire InFlight team for our cover story coverage. I’m so happy! I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it since it’s really too soon to tell, but recently I got to thinking if I was ever going to any of our destinations. I guess this is the answer.

Praise God! Thank You, Lord for giving me this wonderful opportunity!

It came as quite a shock when my boss said I’m going to Boracay because I honestly thought that I would get to fly to a destination once I become a regular employee. So this is simply a wonderful blessing that has come upon me.

Oh my gosh! I just can’t wait to go on this trip. First time to fly on a SEAIR plane, first time to go to Boracay FOR WORK. All I can say is WOW!!!

I don’t know what else to say except...

Until my next blog entry,

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