Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sharing My Future.

During the chat that Jan and I had yesterday afternoon, it got me thinking what I will blog about next. After much thought, I have decided to blog about future plans. It's funny, actually, considering that I didn't intend to share this anytime soon. In a way, it's all thanks to Jan...his exuberance in sharing his plans got to me. Now, I can't seem to wait any longer to share my plans with those who read my blog.

But before I go on with this entry, let me point out that what I am about to write is actually a compilation of my Dear Diary that I have kept safe and hidden from the public eye. What you are about to read are bits and pieces of how I have envisioned my life to be. A summation, if you will, of all the plans I have for myself. It took me 22 years to think it through...and now, I think it's safe to say that I can share these plans with you, though I am still open to changes, as I know that everything I have planned for myself is still up for the Lord's approval. What you are about to read in this blog entry, my dear readers and fellow bloggers, is a rough description of my plans for myself.

o O o

I would start working as a writer, learn the basics and trades of writing in magazines. I would continue learning about writing as I go through each day in the office: research, interview, compilation. I would then learn the more extensive processes of journalism -- pre-production, production, post-production.

After working as a writer, I would be promoted to one of the senior editors. With my knowledge on the field, I'd be able to contribute more on the magazine, with the help of the network of people I have made when I was a writer. I'd be thinking out of the box for the magazine in order to produce a better, if not the best, magazine than before.

On the side, I'd be writing my own book. A light novel, I would imagine. I would send the manuscript to a well known publishing house. After they review it, they would tell me they would love to publish it.

Given that feeling of accomplishment as a writer, I would have a career change and establish myself as an editor. I would love to be the one that writers would go to just so they can publish their book. Writers would think of me as the editor who is hard but fair; the editor who acts as a boss when needs to and drops it when the writer just need someone to talk to.

And then, I'd have my own publishing company, where I'd be able to publish my magazine and my books.

This will be my life as a careerwoman!

o O o

Love, Marriage, Family
I'd meet the guy I've been praying for in the most unexpected way. Though I cannot say how, I can guarantee that meeting him will be one of the biggest surprises of my life. Because that's how I want the Lord to let me know that...it's going to be him. In the future.

My first will be my last...and that, my dear friends, is enough said.

I will get married by the time I'm 27 years old.

We will be married in front of family and friends at the Shrine of Jesus (the church near SM Mall of Asia). The reception will be held at the SMX Convention Center.

My husband and I will be living in a house located either in Makati or in Manila. We'd have three children. Two boys and a girl.

The boys will go to an exclusive boys' school while the girl will attend an exclusive girls' school from elementary until high school. Just the way our parents did when they enrolled us at our schools.

College will be their choice.

Every weekend is for family...especially Sundays.

This will be my life as a familywoman!

o O o

Maybe I should stop for a while. It may be a little too overwhelming for you to read it. I was a bit overwhelmed while writing this.

Until my next entry,

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