Sunday, August 17, 2008

Meeting People.

I've been talking about a few people here and there so I might as well "introduce" you to some of them. This is just to give you an idea as to who my friends are.

Meet my family.
Meet the parents. Mama and Papi are my sources of strength. They are my support team from beginning til end and I don't know where I would be if not for them. Mama and Papi are the reason why I love what I'm doing...because they taught me well. They never forced me to do what they want. They simply encouraged me to pursue what I want. Love, support, respect, care...for all of that, I am forever grateful.

If I am my parents' princess, you can expect that this princess has two knights to protect her from harm. My big brothers, Kuya Rom and Kuya Miguel are my knights in shining armor. They're very protective of boys, beware. Haha! My brothers, I admit, can be a pain in the butt at times but rest assured, when I need help, my brothers are there!

Meet my boss.
This is Monica De Leon -- otherwise known as Ms. Mons. She's my ever-so-patient boss who teaches me what I need to know about the magazine business. She is the reason why I'm all of a sudden becoming more talkative now. Hahaha! Ms. Mons is actually a Scholastican. She graduated AB Mass Communications minor in Broadcast Journalism in 2003. I guess it's luck that I got to work for someone I can share interests with.

Meet my bez.
Chi, as many of us would call her. But to me, she's my one and only best friend. My bez is actually living in the US right now so it's kind of hard to bond with her now than we did before. Nonetheless, we keep in touch as much as possible. People said that we looked alike but I guess that's because we were quite inseparable. Now, well, we're living our lives from different ends of the world. She's got a boyfriend and I'm still single. She's still turning heads like back then when we were still in Colegio de Sta. Rosa (CSR) and I'm, well, turning heads nowadays. Haha! Yes, I know it's a little narcissistic but hey, I'm just telling you what people are telling me now.

Meet my "anak" and my "bru."
Alla and Euki -- we go way back in grade school. Just like Chi, these two people have been a part of my life ever since my CSR days. Alla and Euki are the best of friends. They call each other, "zie." Alla is my "anak"...I don't know how or why or when exactly but she started calling me "naynay" and that was it. Euki is known as my "bru," as in "bruha." She's the friend whose hair I've been always been jealous of.
As of the moment, these two are trying to make me go to CosPlay on October 12. Unfortunately, I can't make a commitment since that day is a Sunday and Sundays are reserved only for family.

Meet my baby.
Yes, I'd consider him as my baby. This is Karl. He lives with his parents, Tita Irene and Tito Jun, his sister Nikki, and their yaya, Ate Beng. Karl is two years old and he asks nothing but pasalubongs from me every time I get home from work. He's my hyperactive, uber cute neighbor baby who I love so much! I don't really care if I spend a little for him. He calls me his "Te." He likes it when I bring him marshmallows and popcorn. For some reason, he senses whenever I have Jollibee meals at home because almost always, when I am about to eat, he'd be kicking, yes kicking, on our door and he'd get the french fries. He's also the baby who likes to get the magnets from our refrigerator. Even so, he's the baby I will always love.

Meet my "subtle" friend.
Subtle is the modest thing to say about her. Haha! People, meet Ate Det. She's my friend who likes giving understated paramdams, to say the least. Ate Det is one of the college friends I've kept in touch with after college. I guess it's because we have common friends outside St. Scho. All right, so she's not my best friend and I couldn't say she's one of my closest friends. But, I guarantee you, Ate Det is a friend I can count on, even if I just needed somebody to tell what's bothering me. She's a shoulder I can lean on.

Meet the sister I never had.

Meet Jalila. She's been my friend since I was in fourth year high school. We've become friends because of the CSR Glee Club. I don't know how the friendship started. I guess it just sort of happened. I'd consider her as the sister I never had. I don't know...of all the friends who call me Ate Marge, Jalila is probably the closest friend I could say I've become comfortable with. Part of the family? I guess you can say that. Haha! Let's not go deeper into that. She's my friend and I love her. Period.

Meet the bunso.
Adrian is Jalila's little brother. If only he was indeed little. Haha! He's taller than his siblings. If Jalila is my sister, then I'd of course consider Adrian as my baby(?) brother as well.
There is a reason why Jalila is quite bitter with me when it comes to Adrian. It's because every time he drops by my school back then, I'd always treat him out. Jollibee, Starbucks, you name it. I'd go out of my way to treat him. I don't know why...he's like my baby brother. Haha!

Meet my aspiring writer.
Every aspiring editor needs an aspiring writer. As for me, Jan is my apiring writer. For the past few weeks, I have been editing his writings and whatnots, and it's been a great experience for me because so far, he's very happy with the way I edit his work. He gives me such a wonderful feeling with his approval of my work. the way, he's the big brother of Jalila and Adrian. There's a four-month gap between us...there's no need to call him Kuya. Hehe. Jan...well, not only is he my aspiring writer, he's also my one-man cheering squad. Haha! Yes, I have to say, whenever I am about to do something or have done something, he's always there cheering me on. Aspiring writer, great visionary...might be the next Bo Sanchez. Watch out for this dude! He and I...we're going to be a team. Hahaha!

Well, I guess you've met the people you needed to meet...for now. Hang on for my next blog entry.


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