Saturday, August 23, 2008


I don't like to judge. I can honestly say that I am not the type of person who criticizes every little thing about something or someone. But I have to admit...there are instances where it comes to a point that you can't help but say something about it. Maybe "to judge" is too harsh of a phrase to understand what I'm trying to say. After all, "judging" gives a negative connotation. How should I put it? Hmm...ah yes. There are certain instances when I just can't stop being opinionated about people or things.

After all, am I not entitled to have an opinion of my own?

This past week, I have stumbled upon some "unusual" things. Seen it, heard it, experienced it. It was never really my place to complain or say something about it. Although, I think I was more considerate than I should have been, if you ask me. So here I am blogging, not to rant but to simply share with you a few observations.

My dear readers, what you are about to read maybe funny or impossible to happen. But believe me, it happened! And so, I ask...

Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous than the following situations?
  • A man in his mid-50s is complaining that he doesn't have any money at all and he's blaming it all on his wallet which was supposed to give him luck.
  • Husband and wife of middle class status is suing MERALCO for overcharging them and for cutting their electricity. Note that their latest bill was P600.00 and the deadline of payment was two weeks ago.
  • A man says he is about to leave his in-laws' home and yet manages to stay for another two hours because he was smoking cigarettes as if there was no end.
  • A woman who have just gotten in the MRT signals you to make room for her so she could sit down, despite the fact that it's already full. What's worse is that she has the audacity to complain how uncomfortable she feels sitting down.
  • A woman in her late 20s curses at every chance she gets while talking to someone on the phone because the jeep she's in is not moving at all due to the heavy traffic.
  • A man incessantly moves around his seat on the bus while the young lady sitting beside him is trying her best to be still and not to fall down.
  • With just a few seats left, a young lady is forced to sit in between a guy who smells like a walking cigarette and another guy who smells like he's bathed in Axe.
  • An elderly man -- probably in his 60s -- is all dressed up in tight pants, fitting shirt, high-heeled shoes. Let's not forget the dangling earrings and hairband as accessories.
  • A couple is sitting comfortably in one corner of a coffee shop: kissing, hugging, snuggling. That's subtlety in their own little world.
  • College students are constantly talking to each other about their hunk professors their crushing on. The downside? They make it seem like they're the only people riding the shuttle.
  • A woman, probably in her 40s, is in the wet market wearing a very fitting leopard-print shirt which looks like a baby tee and pedal pushers, which showcases her rather huge butt and her bulging curves are exposed.
Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm being too rigid. But I can't help it. When things like that happen, I just can't help but think to myself, "what were they thinking?"

I leave you with just one question...


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