Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Randomness of Me.

It was just one of those days when I thought to myself, "To hell with planning what to do today!" I just the urge to blog, without a care if I would make any sense, not minding if it's going to sound crazy at all, not thinking if it's going to make a difference or not. Right here, right now, I'm practicing spontaneity, something I'm trying to instill in myself for the past few months.

Sociologist and social philosopher Helen Lynn once said, “Our whole life is an attempt to discover when our spontaneity is whimsical, sentimental irresponsibility and when it is a valid expression of our deepest desires and values.” So here I am trying to be least for the time being.

a cosmopolitan
- because I want to travel around the world

an established writer
- because I dream of sharing stories of my adventures and misadventures, of tales about love and life

a sought-after editor
- because eventually, I'd like to become the person who helps out an aspiring writer reach his/her dreams

Will-Buy's (in the next 12 months)...
a Sony Ericsson P1i
- because it suits my lifestyle now that I'm working

a Creative ZEN 4GB
- because it's something I could use for work and for pleasure

Will-Eventually-Have's (in the next five to ten years)...
a credit card
- because in the future, this will come in handy

a condo unit
- let's face it, I'll need to move out when I'm old enough to start living on my own

a car
- because I'll need my own transportation so I can go to wherever I need and want to go to

a postpaid line
- because in the long run, postpaid will be an advantage for me

a laptop
- because a brand new laptop is really what's going to help me

So far, this is what's on my mind. Haha! Don't worry, I'll be back as soon as I can.

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