Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Dreams Came True.

I never thought that it could happen. Not ever! I was absolutely beyond belief, in my mind, I had to reassure myself that I was awake.

Since I was 18, there were two things I've wanted to own: a black leather jacket and a pair of knee high boots. Call me crazy, but I just wanted to have those. Not to impress anybody but I was always a fan of that edgy-chic fashion. I have always imagined I would be walking around wearing those boots, with everybody staring in amazement. Haha! I imagined I would be hanging out with a couple of friends wearing my leather jacket and my friends would say, "Wow Marge! Fashionista!" I've always felt that I could carry myself well with that style. And now, my dream of donning the leather jacket and knee high boots is a reality.

My godparents are on a two-week vacation from Australia and they have surprised me with the best gifts in the world! They bought me the perfect black leather jacket and gave me not one, but two pairs of boots -- one ankle high and the other knee high. I was in great shock! It felt so good trying them on (despite the fact that it was a wee bit hot in Dudad's place where I tried them on for a couple of seconds). Perfect. Just perfect. There are no other words to describe how great it was to see them on me. I couldn't wait to wear them! Hell -- I was actually dreading to take them off me! But I knew I had to take them off. It's not nice to flaunt them, you know. Hehe...

I can't help it...I'm just so happy to have the jacket and the boots. Wonder why? Ask no more. Just take a look at the pictures...then maybe you'll understand.

Need I say more?

Till my next blog entry,

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