Friday, July 04, 2008

Blogging During Lunch Break.

Maybe some of you may think that this is totally uncalled for. Blogging while in the office, when I should be doing work. Well, I disagree. I disagree a lot. First of all, it's my lunch break, which means I can do anything during my free time. Second, there's absolutely no rule about blogging in the office.

This impulse to blog was prompted by my very dear friend
Jan Silan, who just posted his latest entry in his blog a few hours ago (note: go and check out his blog at I Am Jan Silan). So thanks to him, I am once again adding a new entry here.

Working in SEAIR has been a blast since I started. Maybe it's because I love what I'm doing, maybe it's the people who I get along with...or maybe it's because I've already met celebrity or two in the office. All of these reasons are just the peak of the iceberg. I may be a newbie but working here, being entrusted with interviews and client calls tell me that I am good at what I'm doing. It may seem arrogant to you, my readers and fellow bloggers, but I am simply proud of the fact that I have this job.

It's a very time consuming job, true. But I wouldn't really say I'm so busy I have no time to have fun anymore. Believe me, even during work hours, I get the chance to log in my YM, Skype and GTalk. Not that I am such a lazy person that I don't get work done. Logging in these accounts is a necessity. I chat with potential sponsors and contributors through YM; GTalk is where I let my bosses know about the developments in the magazine and whatnot; and Skype is where I talk to the editor-in-chief, since she's based in London.

But it's really exciting! Everything I imagined it to be, honestly...maybe even more. I love coming into the office where people greet me, "Good morning, Ma'am Margie." I like looking at my to-do list and see that I actually have tons of things to do. I even have take home work today. But that's all right, it's a Friday today. I get to get off work early. Therefore, I get to have some fun...hahaha!

Commercial: As I am sitting here in my office space, Jasmin from Marketing just asked me to buzz her in YM.

The funny thing I hear a lot from people recently is there incessant pleading for me to give them free tickets to wherever. Hmph! Just because I work in an airline. Let's see what happens. *Evil laugh* Also, I recently found out that a few of my classmates have applied in SEAIR but I am the only one who's working here. I wonder why they applied in SEAIR. Oh well...let's see if I get to have them as my coworkers.

Time's up! Lunch break's over. Going back to work.

Signing off,

P.S. Belated happy birthday to my friend from Fine Arts, Francis Barican!

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