Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair Vanity Exposè.

I have a confession to make. Actually, it's not much of a confession since almost everyone can tell you this bit about me.

I am vain when it comes to my hair.

It has been my routine since I learned the beauty of hot oil treatments back in first year high school that I go to the salon once a month to get my hair cut or trimmed. Every quarter, I would get a hair treatment. What started out to be a thing to do for fun evolved into something I needed to do to take care of my hair. And when I got to college, I have become a regular in a salon I find very much affordable.

Unlike other vain people, I did not go for high end salons. I've always believed that quality of service did not have to be expensive. I'm a regular at Index Salon. For P40 a haircut with shampoo and blowdry, I have always gotten what I wanted for my hair. I think the most expensive I have paid in Index was P500 when I had a hair relax treatment last year in November.

Let me tell you the reason behind my vanity with my hair.

Ever since I could remember, I have always thought that having beautiful locks would show how clean I was. Call me crazy but I've always believed that it's not enough how poised you are, how good you look in your clothes, how clean your nails and toes are -- the face is always important, most especially the hair. If each strand of hair is in its place, then you'd be the most beautiful person.

Usually, when I get a haircut, I time it when I feel a little down. Haircuts are usually my way of de-stressing or getting out of my state of melancholy. And it always works for me. Always. But this morning, I went to Index Salon, not because I was depressed (note: I am not even close to being sad)...rather I was such in a very good mood, I thought that it was necessary to show my giddy state of mind on my hair. Haha! As an end result, I got a haircut with Hair Spa Touch. Ah yes...for just P140, my hair was back to its bouncy, full, shiny state. Love it!



So there you go. My vanity is exposed.

Till next time,

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