Sunday, July 20, 2008

First After-Work Gimik.

Since I started working, Ate Det has been giving me paramdams to treat her out. They were subtle (as she claimed) yet quite obvious to the keen observer, if you ask me. So I decided that some time after this pay day, I will treat her out to dinner. I don’t how or why, but Ate Det and I had the urge the invite our friend, Jan, to come along. So it was settled. Me, Ate Det and Jan would meet up at Greenbelt and I will treat them to a budgeted dinner. Haha! I’m not a rich kid, you know. I can only spend so much.

Date: Friday, July 18, 2008
Venue: Greenbelt 1
Time: 6:00 PM

That was our scheduled meeting. When I got off work at 5:00 PM, I proceeded to Powerbooks Greenbelt as I was to meet someone to give me something for next week’s work. After that, I really had nothing to do – so I thought I’d go to the Chapel. It’s been quite a while since I heard mass there. I have always enjoyed going there. Sanctuary. Good thing I was just in time. The mass was about to start. So I took a seat somewhere in the back, put my things down and simply listened.

I will never forget the priest’s homily. Those six words kept ringing in my ear the moment he said it: “Who here has been in love?” I could almost imagine my face going red. Almost. I still kept my composure, you know. I was not about to turn red in front of so many people. So anyway, I just listened to the priest’s homily about being in love, being loved, and being able to love. Truly inspirational.

After the mass, I proceeded to Greenbelt 1. Just in time when I got
Ate Det’s text message that they’re already there. We met up in front of Razon’s. As soon as we found a table, Ate Det and Jan started telling me their orders – it felt like they were ordering everything. Haha! So anyway, as soon as they got their orders straight, Ate Det and I went to order while Jan stopped by Shepherd’s Staff to buy something.

Pancit luglog. Dinuguan with puto. Sizzling sisig. Halo halo. Drinks. Those were our orders. Cost me around P600. Way within my budget. Haha! So we were just there – talking, eating, laughing. Actually, I was pretty much quiet, with a few chit chats here and there. Hey! I was hungry. No talking when I’m eating. Hahaha!

We were pretty much full from dinner. So we decided to stroll around a little while. It was a funny-weird stroll – basically because we kept seeing lovebirds here and there being sweet and all, and Jan commenting on how I was dressed (he was a little puzzled that I was wearing a dress and he thought I always wore clothes like that in the office). Nonetheless, no harm was done to any of us despite the fact that there were a lot of people hanging out. There was one instance that we were walking along the overpass leading up to Landmark, there was this kid, about 2 years old. His mom was beside him holding his hand. He kept looking at Jan, his eyebrows all scrunched up. He kept saying, “Mama. Mama.” Jan responded,
“Hindi ako Mama mo.” Haha! It was such a funny moment.

We ended up hanging out in Glorietta. Nothing really special going on there. We just entered stores and window-shopped. That’s all we really did: window shopping. It’s a little hard to spend if you don’t have the cash. Haha! I was looking at shoes and clothes,
Ate Det was contemplating whether or not she was going to buy the bag she has been eyeing for. Finally, Jan was figuring out how much he was going to spend on sports apparels.

By 8:30PM, my dad called my cellphone and said he was going to pick me up at Gloria Jean’s Coffees around 9:00-9:30PM. So I went to the coffee shop with
Ate Det and Jan. I was craving for coffee. I wanted it so much, the moment I drank my cappuccino, I was so relieved, as if I haven’t had coffee for months – which by then, I realized I haven’t had coffee for 3 months.

At Gloria Jean’s, we simply continued our chit chats and we decided that next month, Jan will treat us and by September,
Ate Det will pay. That was our deal.

So from this month onwards, I have a get together with them once a month.

And here, I end my latest entry,

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