Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Mind Wanders.

Isn't it amazing how two people seem to be the perfect match and yet...they are nothing more but friends? Just friends. That's about it. Two people sharing the same interests, the same qualities, the same values but still remain to be friends, best friends, at most. It happens a lot more than we think.

I have a friend. She has been friends with this guy for five years. They know each other so well, they hang out almost always, and they care for each other so much. Everybody thinks that they are in a relationship. Probably because they look like the perfect couple. My friend told me that she and her friend are so close, their parents are giving them their approval despite the fact that there's really nothing going on between them. She joked, "Isn't it nice na walang nangyayari sa inyo and yet gustong-gusto ka na ng pamilya nya?" I was jealous. Not because I'm in a relationship where the parents hate me or anything. But I've always wanted to be in that position. Where the guy's parents would say, if they had to choose a girlfriend for their son, it would be me. That would absolutely be heartwarming.

It makes you wonder. Why is it that even if the whole world thinks you two are perfect for each other, you're just not together? Simple. Because everything is up to the two people. It's not a matter of whether people approve of you or not. It's not a matter of being with someone you know people would like. It's about being sure about your feelings. It's about knowing that you're in love with the other person. Without any influence from other people.

You would wish it was easy. You would think that finding love would be just how you imagined it to be. People say how much they want to be in love with the right person and wish that they finally find them. And then they find out, everything is so difficult, so different, and so long before you find the one you're meant to be with.

Maybe that's why for 22 years, I have been single. Sure, there were guys being linked to me. The thing is...I just haven't met the one yet. I haven't met that one boy who could make my heart skip a beat, who could make me blush by the way he smiles, who could make me feel like I'm that one girl he's interested in. And even if I wish I knew who he is or where he is, I'll always end up telling myself, "In time, you'll know it's him."

Am I making any sense at all? I think so.

I've always believed that falling in love is not as easy as people say it is. In my mind, before you fall in love, you meet a guy, become friends with him, and build that strong foundation. And when you do fall in love, you're just sure that he's the person you see yourself with -- dancing, singing, holding hands. Then after you fall in love, you just thank God everyday. You just have that inexplicable yet wonderful feeling of waking up each morning knowing he is yours and you are his.

1 Corinthians 13:13 says, "There are three things that remain - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love."

I have prayed to God about the person I want to be with. Call me too religious, call me too corny. Whoever I end up with, I know it was because I prayed to God so He could bring him to me. When the time is right, I know he will find me. Because God would lead him to me.

Now that I think about it, I realized the possibilities of it all. Maybe we have yet to meet. Maybe we're already friends. Maybe he's someone I didn't expect. Maybe he's more than I imagined him to be.

Who knows...maybe he's reading this right now.

Until then,


  1. : )
    un lang masasabi ko.
    -haeja :)

  2. that said it all, haeja! hehehe... :)