Sunday, October 04, 2009

Playing "Dr. Margie"

It's really amazing how people find it so hard to believe that I have yet to be in a relationship.

Last night, I was chatting with a couple of friends. Three, to be exact. Two guys, one girl. The funny thing was that -- they all had "problems" in their own relationships and they all came to me for advice. No, these people don't know each other. It just so happens that these three are good friends of mine who have been involved with their significant others for years.

I always wonder why they come to me for advice. When I get in a relationship and I'd have a problem, shouldn't I be the one to go to them and ask for their advice? They're the ones who have gone through it. But alas, there I was, chatting away, listening to what they have to say, and waiting for them to let me know if they needed what I wanted to say.

Surprisingly, they welcomed my advice with open arms. I quote my guy friend, "Ibang klase ka talaga, Marge! NBSB pero ang daming alam sa pag-ibig!" If he was right in front of me, I'd probably have slapped him. Haha! Kalokohan talaga! Yes, I've been single since forever. But just because I've never been in a relationship doesn't mean I don't have my shares of kilig and sawi. Hehehehe.

So yeah, I played "therapist" for a couple of hours. Or maybe because I was in such an emo mood that I've decided to let it out by playing "Dr. Margie."

Well, I gotta go for now and prepare for Mass.

Be right back.

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