Sunday, October 25, 2009

I want to go bowling!

I do. I really, really do. And if you're one of those who have been following my blog, bowling is not just bowling for me. Maybe it's the emo-ness kicking in again. Probably because it's that time of the month for yours truly. But I guess I'm just at that point where I want to tell the world, "Yes, I'm out bowling with ---."

*Sigh* I look back at the past week and I realized how much of work I've put in. And I'm not just talking about work in the office. Everyone knows that as soon as I'd get home, I'd turn on my PC, log in the internet and continue the work I wasn't able to finish in the office. Once again, I have managed to make my work a 24-hour habit.

Although I was able to get some "breaks," thanks to my dinner invites with friends -- I would still want to have that one day I am looking forward to because that's the day I'm going bowling with someone in particular. Is it really too much to ask?

A friend told me that I may be too blind to see who's interested, or that I am being a very choosy person when it comes to guys. Be that as it may, let me just point out that the dating phase is not just something I'd like to do for the sake of dating. I date because I like the guy. I date because I'd like to see if it goes somewhere. If somewhere along the way, it doesn't work out, then I say it's not working out. Harsh much? Maybe. But at least I can say I didn't lead the guy on.

Ok. Back to the point. It gets to me sometimes when all I do is work. It's not that I don't want to make time to just take a break. But the thing is, when I'm not working, I look for something to work on -- like an article that's due the next week, or research that I want to continue, stuff like that. I know it annoys my parents, especially my mom, when they see me do nothing else but my work. And it's not just with me. They're also hounding on my two brothers to not be so career-centered. While they love the fact that we're doing well in our respective careers, they're also worried that we might be so focused on our work that we're not giving ourselves time to take a break and enjoy some relaxation. So yeah, they are practically pushing us to go out and have fun. (Funny how when we were young, they wouldn't let us go out a lot -- and now, they are encouraging us to be out there.)

I don't say this much. In fact, I don't think I've really ever said it. So there -- I want to go out! I want to be out on a date again! I miss dating and I miss having fun on a date with someone.

Seriously, I want to go bowling! I do hope I get to bowl -- soon.

Till my next blog,

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