Monday, October 19, 2009

iPhone Blogging.

Ok, it's not really my idea to blog through my iPhone (for those who don't know, yes, I already have an iPhone). But unfortunately, I can't use my desktop computer because it's currently being reformatted and I can't use my laptop because Papa has been hogging it ever since I got the desktop computer. But I've been itching to blog since this afternoon. So -- here goes nothing.

I don't really know what's up with me lately. I can't really explain it but I've noticed that I've had a major OC mode the past three nights. I have been cleaning my room over and over again since Friday night. I can't seem to stop. My room's organized and clean but somehow, I'll find something wrong with the order of things or how I've arranged my files and all so I end up doing things all over again.

What the hell is up with me? Bothered much? Damn it! While it may be a good thing that my outlet is harmless to myself and to others, I also think it isn't healthy. Healhy in the sense that I might go berserk over the little things in the future.

So anyway, I've arranged my closet 4 times already, organized my dresser 6 times, made my bed 3 times, arranged my shoes 2 times, and put my files in their respective shelves 3 times. Oh yeah, I also washed my electric fan, ironed my clothes, sweeped my room and sorted my bags. Wow! Talk about keeping busy.

Mama has noticed and asked if I had any problems. I didn't, actually. But I guess I got so busy with the past week's work that my workaholic mode came home with me over the weekend.

Although...I was able to take a break. Like this afternoon, I went to the mall with my parents. Yesterday, I made it a point to go to the mall so I could relax. And relax, I did. I hung out in Starbucks, ordered an iced caramel macchiatto, went to an empty table, hooked on my iPhone for music and started reading the pocketbook I brought with me. Ah yes...truly relaxing. At least for a while. Unfortunately, my sanctuary was suddenly disturbed by a strange guy.

Stranger: I've noticed you since you came in. I'm Drew, by the way.
Me: You expect me to give you my name?
Stranger: I hope so.
Me: Good luck with that. Sorry, I don't like being disturbed.

The next thing I knew, the guy went back to his table where he sat with 2 other friends.

I really hate it when people invade my privacy. Snobbish much? Maybe, but I really don't care. I don't appreciate being approached like that. While it may be true that this kind of attention one gets is flattering, it's also somehow invasive. Especially when you're not there hoping to be noticed. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone in your own little space.

It's already 11:54PM. Tomorrow is a Monday which means I need to rest for tomorrow's work.

Besides, my thumbs are already restless from the continuous typing on the iPhone.

Good night, everyone!

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