Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Can Have Tantrums, Too!

I don't get angry easily. Truth be told, I'd much rather keep quiet than confront the person. Some people say I'm too kind, which can be a negative thing at times. And I agree. So to those expecting to read a "nice" or "happy" blog entry, might as well check out other sites because you're not going to get it from this one. At least, for this entry. It's sad, really.I was planning on blogging about a happy thing. Unfortunately, an incident occured and now I've chosen to rant about it.

It was a typical Tuesday at work -- writing articles, editing them; captioning photos, following up on press releases; calling contacts within the metropolis and in the provinces -- when I unexpectedly received an incoming call on my Yahoo! Messenger. It was Jane. Though I didn't want to answer it (because I was working), I didn't want to be rude. So I put my headset on and clicked on the Answer button. The purpose of the call was what I expected it to be. An invitation to meet up with the LG (our clique during the good ol' days). I asked them where and what time. She said we can meet up after work at SM Mall of Asia. I told them that I can pass by but I can't stay long because I still have a lot of things to work on and I'm too tired to go out and "have fun."

6:00PM came and I was leaving the office. No message from the group. I told them I was already on my way to MOA and asked where to meet them. No reply. After 45 minutes of riding the bus from Ayala to MOA, I have arrived. Still nothing. I texted again. "I'm here na. Where do we meet?" I texted them all. Nothing.

After ten minutes strolling around the North Wing building of MOA, I received a message from Tetel, "Ancy, biglang napa-Glorietta. Sunod ka dito."

I was furious! I wanted to call them and shout! I wanted to tell them off and say how inconsiderate they were. But I had to be nice. I replied, "Malabong mangyari. Kung kanina nyo pa ako tinext, eh di sana tumawid lang ako from office. Andito na ako sa MOA, malabo na akong bumalik dyan sa Makati."

I guess they all got the point because they have been apologizing since. "Si Marvi kasi nagpabago ng place eh." The message read. Damn it! I have been holding on to both my Globe and Sun cellphones. I don't understand why NONE of them informed me sooner.

If I wasn't able to restrain myself, I would have turned into a bitch and I would've said, "Ang daming paraan para pagsabihan ako diba? Don't tell me lahat kayo walang load. Kung bakit naman hinintay nyo pa na ako ang nagtext bago kayo sumagot tapos gusto nyo sundan ko kayo dyan?"

If I really lost it, I would have probably cursed all the way. Good thing, I didn't.

So there I was...at SM Mall of Asia with no one to meet. Damn it!

There. I've let it out and I feel better.

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