Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Saturday Off from Everything!

Yesterday, I had the whole day to myself. Yes, after a rather tiring week, the whole R&R for yours truly was the best thing to do. So after watching television, cooking and eating lunch, I decided to spend the day hanging out at Starbucks-Estrada. Yes, somehow, it seemed like a good idea at the day. And it was. I ran into an old schoolmate-slash-friend, Karen. We were both heading there. She was meeting Kate Laceda (another schoolmate), while I wanted to spend some alone-time in a place I feel at home -- the coffee shop.

Oh yeah...before I forget. There was a little mishap that happened on my way to Starbucks. I got stuck in the middle of the road because the jeepney I was riding got one of its tires trapped in an unforseen manhole. So there I was with a couple more of the passengers, just waiting until our jeep got its tire loose from the manwhole (This is when I realized Karen was riding the jeepney too). Good thing there were two good guys who offered to help and they were able to wiggle the tire out.

This is actually the first time in months that I got to drink Starbucks again. Oh how I missed it! Am I glad to have bought it. Now, since it's the month of November, that actually means Starbucks is already giving away it's 2009 planner after filling up their promo cards. Unlike before, you only need 16 stickers -- 8 for the holiday featured beverages and 8 for the regular beverages. So yes, it will be easier to acquire the planner. Here's the thing. I haven't had one and I doubt if I'll have it now. But who knows? It's been so crazy with work and all, I just might be able to complete all 16. I've just begun with the nothing to be excited about yet.

Speaking of planners, I have my eye on a particular planner. The Belle De Jour 2009 Power Planner. Though it may not be my ideal kind of planner-slash-organizer, I'm inclined to get one because it's absolutely fantastic! Yes, for P598, this ringbound organizer is definitely a must-buy for me.

So, all right. After spending much time in Starbucks, I decided to call a friend who's just a few minutes away. Next thing I knew, I was at Nyx's place, hanging out with a couple of my friends -- Euki, TinJan, Nyx, Roselle, Francis and Rbhie. great it is to see them after a very long time. It was Nyx's mom's birthday. So when I got there, celebration galore! Although they were having drinks, I couldn't join since I was drinking coffee and who knows what might happen is you mix caffeine and liquor together. It's a good thing, too, since I don't want to go home with my breath smelling of alcohol. My parents would just go ballistic!

After two hours of hanging out with them, I decided to go home. I still had to cook. So I bid everyone farewell and went on my way back to our place.

And that's that.

I wish I could go on further but I'm a couch potato at the moment.

Till next time!

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