Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Another Blog on Random Things.

It's past four in the afternoon and I'm taking a 30-minute break from the very busy day at work. No particular subject to talk about...just random things.

  • It's the beginning of the BER months.
  • Christmas is near...but let's celebrate my dad's birthday first.
  • I realized that I'm more makulit now than I've ever been. At least, that's what I've heard from my friends.
  • Production month for October-November issue is starting and I'm already tired. Note that it's just the second day.
  • I love interviewing people. Last interview I did was with photographer Isa Lorenzo.
  • People say have noticed how more fashionista I've become than before.
  • My neighbor, Karl (who's 2 years old), wants me to bring him popcorn.
  • He also kissed me on the cheek before I went to work.
  • My dad just bought me the cutest stuffed toy. I named him Rafa.
  • I'm waiting for High School Musical 3: Senior Year to be released in theaters.
  • Damn! I have to wait for next year to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
  • There was a certain Starbucks barista who caught my attention during my lunch break.
  • I've been singing Jennifer Hudson's "Love You I Do" (from the Dreamgirls soundtrack) since Sunday.
  • I want to see Across the Universe.
  • Ms. Monica said I'm so much more organized than she is even when all my stuff are piled up on my desk.
  • After five months, I will meet some college friends after work tonight.
  • Funniest way to describe myself: I am a Filipina who's part Spanish and looks like Chinese. Hahaha!
  • I have just spoken to Lisa Macuja-Elizalde...what a thrill!
  • I am looking for someone to come with me on January 27, 2009! Hahaha! David Cook: Live in Manila!
  • I have three months to go before I can buy the Sony Ericsson P1i.
  • I want another hot white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.
  • A certain guy I've gone out with four years ago is on his way to becoming a priest...yes, it's true.
  • I wish it's 6:00PM already...I need to relax!
Break's over. Time to get back to work.

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