Monday, September 29, 2008

When You Think About It, Just Blog It (also known as That Cliché Topic Again).

For the past two weeks, I have been racking my brain for something to blog about. I don’t know what it is exactly, but somehow, I can’t think of anything. It’s as if my mind is totally blank and no matter how hard I try to come up with something, or anything for that matter, I fail to even have the most general of ideas.


Come on, inspiration! I need you to knock on my head and get me typing on something that makes sense. As much as I want to do a “random-things-list” blog again, I can’t – because then, I’d be simply doing what I have been doing for the past few blog entries. And as much as possible, I want to deviate from it for a while. I don’t understand this. Blogging shouldn’t be too hard for me! I write for a living – so why am I having a difficult time doing this?!

After about an hour of constantly tapping my fingers on the keyboard, staring blankly at the blinking cursor to start a new paragraph, and listening to MYMP’s new album, finally hit me. Oh joy! I thought of something to blog about. As cliché as this may be to those who are about to read, I’m blogging about it anyway. It’s so ridiculous! It’s probably one of the most used topics in the entire universe…but I don’t care. I just want to blog about it. For all I know, this has been inside my head for who knows how long.

I guess it was because I can’t help but watch movies that make me fall in love. Just this weekend, I watched 7 movies, all of which are romantic in nature.

Runaway Bride

Pride and Prejudice

Becoming Jane

When Harry Met Sally

Sleepless in Seattle

The Notebook

While You Were Sleeping

If that wouldn’t make you wish you were going through that, then good for you. As for me, I was crying my eyes out, hoping I would go through that emotional roller coaster ride they call “falling in love’ and wondering if I was ever going to have that feeling again. Because honestly speaking, after falling in love for the first time, I must admit that I am scared to fall again. Then again, the hope of finding the “perfect” guy lives on.

If you’ve read my previous entry, you’ll see that there’s a lot of things I am “looking” for in a guy. Truth is, those things I’ve written – they’re not requirements or standards. From time to time, I would dream about the guy doing those most romantic gestures. It’s fine not to be given the most beautiful flowers or not being serenaded. But I can’t help but think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if he did?”

I recently read a blog (women should read it too – go to All Women Stalk) about finding that “perfect love.” Writer Melissa Gonzalez posed the question:
“Why were we never warned that in love…we aren’t always allowed to have what we want?”

It struck me so hard and the realization that my ideal guy may not exist. Gonzalez goes on further saying that maybe the perfect love is unattainable. No matter what choices we make, the perfect love may simply be something
“no one can ever have.” It’s a scary thought, I admit, but I believe it. We are so wrapped up with this idea of “perfection” that all we can think about is when we find that person who completes us, everything will be pure bliss.

Here’s the truth: Nothing is perfect in this world. Not even love. There will always be something wrong. There will always be a bump on the road for you and your partner. Let’s face it – we will always find a flaw in anyone’s relationship, no matter how hard you try to ignore it.

But hey, it’s not all bad. So there’s not such thing as a “perfect love.” Does that mean you can’t have a love that can make you the happiest? Of course not. If there’s anything I’ve learned from the love story of my parents, it would be this:
Two people can be the most opposite of personalities in the world. But if love, loyalty, trust, and friendship are there, both would be inseparable, and their love would resonate until the end of time.

I guess I’ll end my entry on that note.

Till then,

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