Sunday, September 07, 2008

Vanity Confessions.

I should be sleeping by now. But this urge to blog something won't let me. I've been trying to come up with a topic to blog about and it just hit me that I have been posting my entries in a list format. I didn't intend to do that; it just happened that way.

As I ponder on what to post next, my vanity, as I suspected, has reached new levels. I didn't even notice how vainer I have become now that I'm working. Let this be a warning, my dear readers. You are about to read confessions of a narcissistic 22-year-old. If you can get through this entry without the thought of vomitting, I applaud you. If at this point, you are on the verge to saying, "It's another one of those conceited people who have nothing better to do but talk about herself," best that you leave this blog. Because your opinion is not going to stop me from publishing this entry. It's my blog. It's my prerogative. It's my decision what to post!

And goes.

Every day, I have this habit of applying my obsessive-compulsiveness in almost everything I do. I tell you -- from the moment I wake up until the second I go to sleep, I have my so-called "rituals."

Mornings are expectedly the busiest time to stick to the routine. Waking up at 6:00 in the morning, I get up to wash my face (with my Eskinol Facial Cleanser) and gargle with Listerine to get rid of the morning bad breath. With my dad preparing breakfast, I have time to choose an outfit for work. As soon as I made my choice, I iron my clothes, until every bit of wrinkle on that cloth is gone. I place them on the hanger and put them in my parents' room where I'll be changing after the morning shower.

As soon as I am done with breakfast, off I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth (and gargle once again). The bathing part is too "delicate" to talk know how it goes. What I can tell you is this...when washing my hair, I use conditioner everyday. Shampoo is only applied to my hair two times a week. Hahaha! Fast forward to changing to my work clothes. I make sure that I am presentable so that whoever I would bump into, I wouldn't look like I've been harrassed or something. Make up is a must but a heavy one at that is too much. Concealer to hide what needs to be hidden, a touch of blush to make my cheeks look rosy...pressed powder to make it look natural, and lip gloss so my lips would not be chappy.

Of course, the hair takes the longest time to fix. After drying my hair using my towel and the electric fan (because to blow dry it would absolutely give me split ends and I'll hate myself for it), I make sure that it's parted to the the perfect position. My bangs should be going to the right, if not to be flowing straight to cover my forehead. Once I am convinced that every strand of hair is in place, out comes the Vitress hair polish for the finishing touches and voila! I'm ready to go.

My obsessive-compulsive behavior at work is not really important. In ten words or less, I like my things to be in place every time. Ask anyone at work and they'd tell you I'm a neat freak!

Fast forward again to the time before I go to sleep. After taking a quick evening shower so I feel refreshed, I now move on to facial cleansing. First, I apply Eskinol make up cleanser and moisturizer to rid me of the make up I have applied hours earlier. Massaging my face for three minutes, I wipe it off with cotton balls. Next, I wash my face with my Eskinol facial cleanser to wash away whatever is left from my first application. After rinsing, I pat, just pat, my face with a towel. Proceed with brushing my teeth and gargling. And then I apply the Eskinol whitening facial cleanser for the final touches. I tell you I feel refreshed! But hair still needs to be pampered before going to sleep. I let my hair down and comb it...not exactly for 100 times...just enough for me to know that there are no tangles in between.

And there you go. My vanity in a nutshell.

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