Thursday, February 25, 2010

4:55 AM.

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning when I heard three clicking sounds coming from my iPhone. Yeah, I'm a light sleeper these days. Those three clicks actually meant that someone was sending me a message via my Yahoo! Messenger. Somebody was "kind" enough to wake me up so early in the morning. Hahahaha! You're such a good friend. Hehe. Going back to sleep was hard. And so, after 30 minutes of unsuccessful tries, I have decided to turn on my laptop and do some research for work. And now, I am blogging.

Yesterday has been pretty eventful. Tons of work, as usual, but I could still manage. I was prepping up for an interview I had to do for the magazine. Truth be told, I was fidgety for fear that I might be a loss for words -- considering my interviewee for the day was Borgy Manotoc. I had that anxiety that I might run out of English words while talking to him. Hahaha! Fortunately, the interview went really well.

It was actually fun interviewing Borgy. There were interviews I did before that just felt like it was an interview. My encounter with Borgy was like a casual conversation. It helps when the topic you're talking about is something you're also pretty much familiar with. It would have been hard to interview him if all I had about the topic of our interview was research-based.

Hmm... I should really get some rest. I've been experiencing headaches since two days ago, which won't seem to go away despite drinking mefenamic acid. Maybe it's because I've been waking up so early in the morning. Oh well...


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