Monday, August 10, 2009

Four Years.

It's past 12 o'clock and I'm still wide awake. I should be sleeping right now since I've tons to do but here I am. Eyes wide open, so many things running through my head.

August 10th.

There's something significant about this date. Four years ago today, my grandfather passed away. And even after four years, I still miss him. A lot. He was 90 when he went.

If you've read about the history of ParaƱaque, you'll find out that my lolo, Lucio Castillo Francisco, is the first post-war mayor appointed by the Americans. Yes, he was indeed a significant part in the history of the city.

I remember how my relatives from abroad came back to the Philippines so that they could be there beside Lolo Bait until his last breath.

I remember how my Papa told us how he went -- he looked at my lola, smiled and told her, "Choleng, aalis na ako."

I remember how everyone told so many stories of my lolo's heroism during the three-day wake we had for him.

I remember the very first time I saw my Papa holding back the tears when he spoke in front of the people before we buried Lolo Bait.
I remember one person telling us during his burial, "You should be proud of your lolo. He was a true hero."

I am proud.
I am proud to have him as my Lolo Bait.
I am proud to be his granddaughter.
I am proud to have known a great man.

Four years.

Sometimes, it seems like only yesterday when I found out that Lolo Bait passed away.

I miss you, Lolo...

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  1. I remember when I was in grade school, grade 1, if my memory serves me correctly, my grandfather and I go out to grab something to eat. A boy of about 4 or 5 years old and a girl of about 7 or 8, perhaps his older sister approached us and beg for the balut we bought. It was my favorite snack then. You know what, the old man gave his balut to the boy and my grand pa asked me to give my balut to the girl. I do not understand it. It was our food. My grandpa promised me nevertheless to buy balut the next day so I gave my balut too. Then when the two child was about to run away to attack the balut, my grandpa shouted at them, "dahan dahan lang ha at maiinit yan baka mapaso kayo!

    grandparents, I should say has many grand children too :)