Monday, August 10, 2009

Food = Fun!

It was definitely a fun day for me today! Tiring, definitely, but absolutely worth it.

I had two interviews scheduled today. One with Pepper Lunch owner, Jeroen van Straten and the other with Juan Carlos de Terry who owns Terry Selections. As always, I was anxious and excited for these interviews. There's something about talking to chefs and restauranteurs that definitely makes me ask a lot of questions. Maybe it's because I cook and I love to eat. Haha! Yes, I'm a self-professed food junkie. Like I told Jeroen, "I always have to have food within my reach."

When the topic is food, I can go on and on about it. What I cook, what ingredients I buy, how I cook it -- everything! I swear, food lets me talk non-stop about it. Talking to Jeroen was like talking to fellow food junkie I've known for a very long time. It didn't seem like I was interviewing him -- it felt more like it was a casual talk. I had a real great time talking about food with Jeroen. Hehehe...

To interview SeƱor Juan Carlos was absolutely divine! He's probably one of the most intriguing persons I've met. When he talks about food and about wine, you just know that he's absolutely passionate about food and wine. It was an absolute thrill to meet him.

Bottom line: food is fun! Hahaha!

Till my next entry.


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