Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Month of May...

I wish this would be a happy blog entry. But unfortunately, it's really not. The fact of the matter is...this month of May is my worst month by far this year. Yes, I hate to say it -- but it's really the most depressing month I've been through. How so? Let me count the ways...

May 5-7
These three days were the most excruciating days! It was my first time to be confined in the hospital. I had vertigo, or to put it in medical terms, vestibular neuritis. It was absolutely horrific! To stay in the hospital and be so sick, it was unbearable.

May 20
It was the day my Sony Ericsson C905 got stolen as I was riding home on a bus from Makati to Pasay.

May 21
I couldn't work at all. I was still "grieving" over the loss of my SE C905. What's worse is that I got to talk to the thief who took my phone. I was practically begging for him to meet with me and give me my phone back. And he said, "Tumawag ka ulit mamaya. Pag-iisipan ko." And I did. But he never answered my calls again.

Three reasons why I really hate this month. Just three. But those were days I really broke down.
*Sigh* Good thing there are things to look forward to June, such as...
  • Mama and Papa's 33rd wedding anniversary
  • Cousin Paolo's 24th birthday
  • Alla's 23rd birthday
  • Kuya Miguel's 28th birthday
  • My first year anniversary at work

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