Friday, May 08, 2009

From the Hospital and Back.

For those of you who were wondering why I haven't been online for the past couple of days, well, here I am to tell you what's happened.

Last Monday, I was about to go and meet my friend Nyx at Teriyaki Boy. But as soon as I started walking out of the office, I started to feel very dizzy. Everything around me started to spin. I had to stop and hold on to whatever it is I can get a hold of. I practically wobbled all the way back to my desk just so I can sit down and relax. I tried to open my eyes but I simply cannot focus on anything. So I called home and asked my brother to come and get me at work.

I started to vomit. Everything I ate, I threw up. Disgusting, I know but I couldn't stop. My boss saw me with my face all pale. She called Sir Art to help me get up and lie down on the sofa in the other office. My brother arrived and picked me up. I couldn't even walk. My officemates had to support my every step.

As soon as my brother and I got home, he helped me up to my parents' bedroom and let me sleep. I hoped that with just sleeping, the dizziness and the vomitting would finally stop the next day. I kept thinking about my pending work and what I'm going to do to get it done.

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning, still feeling dizzy, nauseous. I still couldn't see straight. My mom was sleeping beside me and I told her that I still feel sick. That's when they decided to take me to the Emergency Room at Manila Sanitarium Hospital. I wasn't aware of what was going on the whole time but I wasn't stupid either. After a check up on my blood pressure and temperature, I talked to a doctor who asked me about how I was feeling. After telling her what happened to me, she told the nurse to give me a medicine for my dizziness. Just that.

They let me stay for a couple more hours. The vomiting didn't stop either. Nurses and doctors saw me throwing up and nothing. They released me after my mom paid the bill. The doctor advised my parents that I should see an eye doctor and that was it. I was free to go. But as soon as we got in the taxi, I started to vomit again.

When we got home, I went back to my parents' bedroom and went back to rest. After lunch, my parents convinced me to go to Manila Doctors Hospital to get a check up with ENT. The drive from our place to the hospital was simply unbearable. I felt like I was going to vomit anytime.

When I got to the clinic, the doctor, Dr. Elmer dela Cruz said that I had vestibular neuritis. It was an inflammation of eye nerves. Right there, he advised me to be admitted to the hospital so he could observe my conditions. We agreed.

So there I was. For the very first time. In the hospital, confined. And I was there until yesterday.

Today, I'm feeling better than the previous days. Still advised to stay at home to rest until the rest of the week. My gosh! I can't wait to go back to work.

To those who texted me and called me up, thank you so much for the concern.

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