Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Need to Sleep.

It's one of those days when I can't seem to go to sleep no matter how hard I try to. As always, I resolve this with a cup of hot milk and the need to post a new blog entry.

Ready? Go.

Time: 01:30 in the afternoon
Venue: Helicon/InFlight office
Event: Patintero?

I was on my way back to my table from my quick bathroom break. Even before I could see what's ahead, I heard the all too familiar greeting that seems to be reserved only for me. "Kain!" I heard him say the word that I have grown fondly of. I responded with a smile and a quick, "Tapos na." With a somewhat narrow hallway, I found myself blocked by him. On instinct, I went to my left, whereas he went to his right. Still blocked. So of course, the next thing I did was go to my right. Maybe he was thinking the same thing because I got blocked yet again as he went to his left. I thought to myself,

"Ano 'to? Patintero?" I can't help but laugh at the thought.

o O o

Time: 05:00 in the afternoon
Venue: Helicon/InFlight office
Event: The Simpsons Phase

Sitting comfortably on my chair, I then heard somebody call me in the oddest way. "Oh Marge," the voice called. It wasn't just any voice though. It was somebody calling me in what would be known to me as his Homer impersonation. Wow! I never thought the Simpsons phase would once again catch up on me. Looking up, I see him standing by my table telling me something that's work-related.

It's one of the strangest things to happen to me to date. Yet, somehow I'm finding it adorable. Hmmm...

o O o

Upon re-reading what I have typed, I can't believe that this would be my first entry for the new year. Oh well. My goal here is to get the thought out of my head so I could sleep.

Who was the all too familiar voice?

No one else but Van.

There! I've done my part. Oh please let me go to sleep now.

Till my next entry,

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