Saturday, September 05, 2009

When Working Becomes a 24-Hour Habit

I should have blogged about this last week but I had a lot of work to do and it is only now that I had the time to log into my blog and publish this entry. Spoiler: that is exactly why I'm publishing blogging now.

I had one of the most unlikely conversations with my parents last weekend.

Since I got back from my out of town trip, I have been doing nothing but work. I've been on a workaholic mode for quite some time, I barely had time to go out with my barkada and just hang out with them. Whether I'm in the office or I'm at home, I work. It's sad, I know. And this triggered the unexpected "heart-to-heart" talk with my parents.

They've noticed how I've become so busy. So during our lunch out on a Sunday, Mama has told me that I should relax every now and then -- just so I could take my mind off work. Tempting as that sounds, I just couldn't leave my work hanging. I could see the look of chagrin on their faces. It's not that I didn't want to relax but with work piling up every day, I find it hard to take a step back and rest up a bit.

Around this time, my parents have told me stories of relatives who are in their 40s and are still single. Let's not discuss about that. But I would like to share with you the oh-so-memorable things that my dear mother told me.

"Morale of the story, Marge: Mag-asawa ka. Hay naku! Minsan, iniisip ko, sana may boyfriend ka ngayon para minsan man lang, nailalayo ka sa trabaho mo. Lagi ka na lang nakaharap sa laptop mo, puro na lang trabaho inaatupag mo."

It was positively hilarious! Although I do think my mom could have put it in a more subtle way. I knew what she meant. She just wants me to loosen up a bit. To go out and have fun. I've realized that I have been working for almost the whole day, everyday. Yes, I've made my work a 24-hour habit. From the time I wake up until before I go to sleep, I think about work. So when an opportunity to hang out with friends presents itself, I take it.

Just like yesterday. I went out with friends for dinner and dessert. When I told Papa about it, he said, "Buti naman naisipan mo lumabas kasama sila. O mag-ingat ha."

It's nice to see that my parents are happy that I'm going out. If anything, I think they're encouraging me to constantly do this. Haha! Not everyday, probably once a week.

So here's to making my life more eventful. One step at a time. I think by this time, I'll cut down my working hours to 20 hours a day. Hehehe.

Until then.

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  1. workaholic!

    i don't understand my parents about this.

    sometimes when they see me enjoying other activities, they say i should go study.

    And when they see me studying, they say I should learn to relax. @_@