Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Night Blogging.

Hi there!

It's 9:15 in the evening on an uneventful Sunday night so I have decided to log in my blog and post something new. Hmm...what am I going to blog about tonight?

Y'know, it's funny sometimes, how you think you're doing everything you want to do and yet there's still a part you're still missing. I seriously miss singing! I realized this a couple of weeks ago when I sang in front of a huge crowd for a gig. I really do miss singing. I remember when it was nearing my birthday earlier this year, one of the 23 things I've wanted to do is to perform in front of an audience. Yeah, I've been singing my heart out. Regardless of the opportunities, I still miss it. I can't believe it -- I had no idea that singing was that huge of a part of my life. It's just surreal sometimes when I get to think about random things and it hits me as if it's something I have to do.

Don't get me wrong, I am so in love with my job! Who wouldn't be having the time of her life writing interesting stories, meeting great people, traveling to beautiful destinations? I love it and I wouldn't want to change direction in my career. There's still so much I want to learn from my work and I wouldn't let go of it until I am ready to. But singing is different. Singing, to me, is one of my creative outlets. I sing whatever I feel like singing, pouring my heart out as if I'm singing it to someone in particular. In a way, I feel like I'm a "celebrity." Egoistic as I may come off saying that, it's just true.

Hoping to sing again soon...

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